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    Go Amreeka Go, but PLEASE take us with you!!!

    Just read the commenta of public under that tweet. It seems pakistanis have finally woken up. JI/JUIF have become been badly exposed in last few years.
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    Jawad Ahmad Dedicated A song To Malik Riaz.

    I think he needs a farmhouse in bahria town as well.
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    100 Beurocrats cost 100 crore annually!!

    100 crore is input cost but what is the output. If the return is 100 billion then it is a great investment but in pakistan the return is negative.
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    شاہ محمود قریشی میں کونسی خوبی ہے کہ انہیں وزیر خارجہ بنایا جائے،ہارون رشید

    Actually SMQ is one of the few ministers who is doing a good job. Less talk and more action from him. Over the last 3 years, Pakistan has improved relations with almost all countries except India.
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    نوازشریف بیمار ہیں۔ لاہور ہائی کورٹ

    i think mariam qatri has videos of multiple judges of lahore and islamabad high court.
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    کیا اسی رفتار سے انصاف غریب اور کمزور طبقوں کے لیے حرکت میں آتا ہے؟

    sab gol mal ha sab go mal ha. PM and army chief in saudi and shobaz going to London. Hopefully achi qeemat milegi is martaba.
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    شرح نمو 2023ء میں ساڑھے 6 سے 7 فیصد تک لے جائیں گے، شوکت ترین

    GDP growth is already 4% this financial year without running a current accoubt deficit. Let's see if he can surpass 6% next Financial Year
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    Fraud in corona vaccination

    Your allegations dont make sense. The vaccine gives immunity 2-3 weeks after the SECOND dose! How can vaccination few days before wedding protect anyone Still the allegations should be investigated and culptits punished.
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    این اے 249 کراچی میں پی پی نے کیسے دھاندلی کی؟

    Agreed. In fact there is a good chance that ppp lead might even increase. Pmlnthinks this is punjab where bureaucracy favors them. Im sindh they all favor PPP
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    اگر دوبارہ آی ایم ایف کی بات نہیں ماننی تو یہ نالائق بہتر نہیں تھا ؟

    Asad umar was right. There was a 'no IMF' option on the table in 2019. However, Pakistani nation is corrupt, thankless and 2 number. They want to fight india for kashmir but crying on expensive sugar while 25% of pakistanis are diabetic. Without IMF, inflation in Pakistan may have been lower...
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    کیا آپ اسسٹنٹ کمشنر سیالکوٹ سے معافی مانگیں گی؟ فردوس عاشق اعوان سے سوال

    Why is this Bastard media not asking AC to apologies for selling rotten fruit to poors?
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    ملک ریاض صاحب میرے پیسے اللہ کے آخری رسولٌ اللہ آپ سے روز محشر وصول کریں گے

    What action? Courts have given malik riyaz easy formula. Pahle qabza karo phr fine bharo, zameen aapki hui. Anyone buying in bahria town should be careful because 70% this project is built on qabza land. Ghareebo ki jhonpria tor ke banaye gharo me koi khush mahi reh skta.
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    ڈالر بے توقیر ہو گیا ، امریکہ میں شدید مہنگائی کا خدشہ

    The US Federal Reserve has increased money supply (i.e. printed USD currency) worth approx. $4 trillion since March 2020. As a result, the quantity of currency in circulation increased while the products and service produced in the USA (and entire world) declined due to Covid shutdown. As a...
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    Shaukat Taren said today that Economy is on negative side

    I have a better idea. Why not rent Nani and her bastard child mehru to qatri, saudi and emartis on a monthly basis for 10 mil/night. Both are very experienced and safder can guide them about double shift. Arabi bhi khush, nani bhi khush, army bhi khush aur immi bhi khush.