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    Bangladesh did'nt devalue their currency since 5 years still export shot up

    Bangladesh did not have nawaz/zardari shifting $$ to London and Dubai.
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    عمران خان کے دور میں 68 فیصد پاکستانی خوراک کی کمی کا شکار

    PMLN was taking loans and throwing in open market to keep $ steady and thus imported items were being subsidized through loans. Still there were several shortages during that period. eg. from a news article published 4 years ago...
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    عمران خان کے دور میں 68 فیصد پاکستانی خوراک کی کمی کا شکار

    graph clearly shows what a disaster pmln was for pakistan. They did not increase support price of wheat for 5 years. As a result, farmers stopped cultivating and migrated to cities. Now Pakistan imports even basic stuff like onions and tomatoes from abroad. As a result, when commodity price...
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    Waters tested , PMLN strong contender to form the next government.

    billi ke khawab me chichray. Mariam qatri will soon supply evidence/testimony against shobaaz and he will end up in jail.
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    60 million dollar outflow in a single day through SCRA highest this year.

    and yet a basic software house octopus digital IPO is oversubscribed by 25X!
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    Workers Remittances grow 27% to $2.66 Billion in August 2021

    We are also borrowing money average $2 billion/yr from IMF/World bank. Plus we get average $2 billion Foreign direct investment. In addition, we can issue international bonds of $2-3 billion. There is also a deferred oil facility arranged with UAE/Saudi - oil being the major import of Pakistan...
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    Workers Remittances grow 27% to $2.66 Billion in August 2021

    Last FY 1) exports were $31.3 billion ($25.3 billion export of goods and $6 billion of services sector) 2) remittances were $29.4 billion Total = $60.7 billion Assuming a modest 8-10% growth we can cross $65 billion easily. This means we can maintain an import bill of $70 without dipping much...
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    Tomorrow PSX Stock market is going to crash as it going be downgraded.

    Great opportunity to buy high quality businesses on discount prices. Unfortunately, I am short on cash otherwise would have definitely bought some dividend paying stocks Dolmen Reit Engro Fertilizer Engro corp If anyone has 10-15 million invested in any of these 3 companies they can easily...
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    Govt levies Rs1 tax for lottery scheme

    Rs 1 will not make fbr rich or poor even if 1 billion entries are received for the lottery. Clearly fbr mafia doesnt want this scheme to succeed. Hence this ridiculous step to make a mockery of a potentially great idea.
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    Pakistan Textile Industry Is Booming - This Is Naya Pakistan

    Not only textile, but also auto, fertilizer, chemicals, banking and even power generation all minting record profits. Approximately PKR47bn ($283m) of dividends to be received by shareholders of select companies (see below), of which PKR 14bn ($84m) to be received by minority shareholders...
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    Fifth Local Airline ready to Take Off!!!

    Like I have been saying, if you watch the news, you would think people are dying of hunger. Yet when you see on ground almost all industries are growing. Salaries are also on the increase from this July year. Why would a foreign investor (or any investor) invest in a shrinking economy...
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    Astounding hike in CNG price against the vision of PM: APCNGA

    CNG should be banned or its prices made same as petrol. We are gas importing country now! When will govt wakeup?? Stop worrying about bastard media and make the right decisions fast! The saved gas should be diverted to more productive use like - fertilizer industry and power generation! This...
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    "Export of August 2021 fall short and only USD 2.257 billion"Abdul Razak

    Also one factor we all missed that in August there were 3 holidays - 14 august, 9 and 10 moharram. That means businesses were closed for 10% (3/31) of the time during last month so accordingly the 10% less orders would have been shipped.
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    "Export of August 2021 fall short and only USD 2.257 billion"Abdul Razak

    IK ki nafrat me patwari monthly economy numbers bhi parhne laga hain. btw why didnt you make thread about august tax number. Month to month numbers are meaningless. For eg. last august 2020 exports was very slow due to widespread rains in karachi. Need to look at quarterly figures to spot...
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    Dollar Reached to 167 from 152.70 in 3 months. Ecnominc Grwoth of PTI.

    The free market is working. If you are unhappy with inflation, stop buying imported goods like powdered milk, cheese and iphone/samsung. Instead use local alternatives.