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    Panama Leaks Documents reality and Legal value

    As usual Pakistanis went blind and started questioning but the reality is completely different please read the details of documents as they are not defaming Noora league at all. read following Among those named are three of Sharif’s four children — Maryam, who has been tipped to be his...
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    مہاجر ہیں ہم

    Pakistani hain hum
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    ISI most powerful spy agency in the world: ex-Raw chief

    ISI main akal hoti tu MQM na banti Ye hamain khush kia ja raha ha is ka matlab kuch bhi hosakta ha. Agar ISI main akal ha tu mohtat rahay kahin hamara iraq jesa hasher na ker day USA
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    Nawaz Shairf is "chor" Im not happy with his Govt. but still vote for him - A Baba Ji

    Zyada khush mat ho us ne kaha sab chor hain us main tum bhi shamil ho or imoo khan bhi Khair us main ghairat tu thi sach bolnay ki tum main wo bhi nahi ha mushraf pti or ppp k chamcho
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    I am here to make Naya Lyari & NAYA Karachi :- Imran Khan addresses PTI Lyari Jalsa

    Re: Dubai progressed because of tensions in Karachi: Imran Khan Sheikhon ne kab mahnat ki ha? dimagh tu sahi ha? O yaar Main bhi PMLN ka hon laikin jhot bolnay ka kia faida
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    Story of Al Markaz islami Karachi

    Re: المرکز اسلامی جس کو ایم کیو ایم نے سینما گ&#1726 Pti is not much different then mqm they are also secularists
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    Russians tell Erdogan: we're abandoning your beaches

    BBC and their Rubbish bias news in favor of Americano pupito turkey
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    JI+PTI+ASWJ (banned) +JUIF+PPP+Rangers now in Karachi for wider interests

    ye itehad nahi ha ye sirf election ko MQM ki jeet se bachana ha. Kha ma kha ki bahis tum ***** tu nahi ho. O PTI k undho ye mera area ha SAeedabad baldia town madina coloni or ye poster real ha. tum log ghaaas tu nahi khatay
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    JI+PTI+ASWJ (banned) +JUIF+PPP+Rangers now in Karachi for wider interests

    thats good we need that in Karachi to kick MQM out. keep up the good work. its fair as its in the interest of Karachi and our country.
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    Amir Khan's wife should wear Abaya & move to Saudia Arabia :- Singer Abhijeet lashes out at Aamir Kh

    but Musharaf and his wife are welcome to india, Amazing
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    متحدہ قومی مومینٹ کا طرز سیاست!

    MQM is no doubt full of terrorist and greatest enemy of the country after PPP, but I am amazed by some of you guys thinking, MQM is like PMLN? you guys have no Idea what we are facing in Karachi since last 7 years. Actually you have seen nothing and know nothing thats why for you punjab govt...
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    Illegal transfer of votes from one constituency to other - New 'Rigging Tactics' introduced by PML-N

    Tum logon ki herkaton se jo thoro bohat dil bhi kerta ha pti ki support ka wo bhi chala jata hai.
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    Illegal transfer of votes from one constituency to other - New 'Rigging Tactics' introduced by PML-N

    PPP = New PTI Bol kon raha hai. Is PPPPPPPPPPP say bara jhoota kon hai Look whose saying this, the one with no credibility at all == ppp. by the way many corrupt of ppp SUPPORTER has been supporting PTi so PPP = New PTI
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    Pervaiz Rasheed mujhe daleel se qail karain ke ghulail kis liye banti hai - Shahid Masood taunts Per

    Ab tu mujhe bhi shahid masood pe shak horaha ha, i used to watch his show since year 2003 till yesterday. He should go back to the way he was cause it appears like shahid masood lost his mind due to black magic on him