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    فوج کو کہتا ہوں کہ آپ نیوٹرل ہیں تو نیوٹرل رہیں،عمران خان کی پریس کانفرنس

    Oye Ganjay ke saje or kabhe. When Khan asked them to take side of good he was told they will stay neutral so now if they have decided to be neutral they should stay neutral and don't support Ganja League in their illegal activities
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    الیکشن تب ہوگا جب ہم چائیں گے،مریم اورنگزیب کاردعمل

    I am sorry but seems like Duddoo Charger has got her batteries charged recently. The Einstein behind this regime change operation did the biggest disservice to Pakistan
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    آرمی فیصلہ کرے، عمران خان کو بچانا ہے یا پاکستان کو - سیٹھی

    Free & Fair Elections let people decide who they want as ruler in Pakistan
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    فوج کو گالیاں دینے والے میر جعفر جلد پکڑے جائیں

    Sir any idea when your phupphoo Naani 420 Mariam Safder will be arrested?
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    سپریم لاڈلا۔۔۔ غریدہ فاروقی کی چیخیں نکل گئیں

    Guys please donot make fun of bhabi Gharidah afterall she is probably Shehbazs 10th wife. 😂 😂 😂
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    صدارتی ریفرنس:سپریم کورٹ نےمنحرف ارکان سے متعلق آرٹیکل 63 اے کافیصلہ سنادیا

    To the douche bags who are saying that this applies to future elections keep in mind that when kukri was elected this case was being heard in SC so even with your logic this verdict applies to kukri
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    عمران خان نے حد کراس کر دی ہے،کامران شاہد

    Its the narrative they (PDM goons) are trying to build basically pitting PTI against Army. N Shareef needs establishment at the moment but he will never be sincere he will stab them in the back at the most opportune moment. You can call IK many things but he is not corrupt and neither he is a...
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    سازش کھلنے لگی

    Nobody is asking Establishment to intervene. Just hold free and fair elections immediately, That's it 🤷‍♂️
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    Maj Adil Raja’s widowed mother refused to open the door

    Guys this was done by FIA at the behest of N League goons not Fauj. Please keep this in mind
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    Maj Adil Raja’s widowed mother refused to open the door

    This is getting very bad. I think we are seeing this reaction from awaam because people who had been abusing our Fauj and are corrupt to the core have again been given the chance to rule Pakistan. Instead of Imran people might even have accepted martial law but will never accept these corrupt...
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    نواز شریف کے لئے دعا

    Ae Allah Nabi Pak ke sadke hummain or humari aane wali naslon ko is Khandan ke shar se bacha. Ameen
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    گیم اسٹارڈ

    PPP and N league supporters are trying to justify this horse trading Please keep in mind Jahangir Tareen was involved only with Independents at the time of the formation of the government in 2018 he never did any horse trading. In 2017 before election people were joining IK from other parties...
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    حکومت پیکا آرڈیننس میں ترمیم پر تیار ہوگئی

    This attorney general is not good for PTI, always gives PM wrong advice only to make himself look good in front of kachra media and corrupt judge's. I will class him in same league as Chief Election Commissioner which is another big mistake by Khan on advice of Sheikh Rasheed. This AG messes...
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    نواز شریف کو پیسے سے پیار ہے وہ واپس نہیں آنے لگا،وزیراعظم عمران خان

    Don't worry just let Supreme leader of Muslim Ummah Qazi Issa become CJ than you will see. Day 1 Ganj Shareer will be back and on day 3 all cases will be thrown out and Ganjoo will be declared the biggest Sadiq & Ameen of Muslim Umaah
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    اتحادیوں کو ڈنڈا۔۔ کامران شاہد کے نازیبا الفاظ پر پیمراخاموش

    For some douche bags who are claiming it to be freedom of speech - vulgarity is not freedom of speech / why not you ask him to come naked to host his program and we will class it as freedom of expression 😂 😂 😂 These douche bags know that using such lingo in western countries will get you...