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    Hamas fires rockets into Israel after clashes near Jerusalem religious site

    It's high time someone has to counter attack this move by Isreal !!!
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    WE GOT ROBBED IN PAKISTAN What should we do?

    Despicable. If everyone here on forums can donate $10 to them it would mean a lot for this bad theft of personal guilt.
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    Thinking of suicide

    Suicide is such bad circumstance of anyone state of being, that even transitioning towards hijra transgender society will accept you.
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    Why PM Khan criticizing Pakistani envoys is justified

    I'm glad PM IK is critical of everyone, unlike Pakistani living abroad only gossip and monger, without contributing to Pakistan society with their 2km useless tongues. All these traitors burn in hell fire !!!!!!
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    US leaves Afghanistan bases Taliban capture territory Ghani seeks Asylum

    You are entitled to opinions but truth of fact of matter is known.
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    Erdogan winning Arab hearts and minds

    This is good for the region.
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    PEMRA Pakistan Fines ‘Time Out’ With Ahsan Khan For Rs 500,000

    Good get all these rule violators to make them pay from their pockets.
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    Pm IK sacked 7 Diplomats In Saudi after receiving complaints on Pm Portal

    What a curse, filth, disgusting corrupted wallas.
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    Sandy Munro predicts a Chinese Car Invasion

    For Pakistan auto market it is a blessing for average customers who have been paying over priced cars by Toyota, Suzuki & Honda. Now a real competitor is inside Pakistan and value for money will get good quality products.
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    Pakistani girl acid attack within U.S.