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    Microsoft Funds Facial Recognition Technology Secretly Tested on Palestinians.

    They need this technology inside all indian Cities for repeat, mob killers to whole criminals population of indians society
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    Ashir Azeem: My Training in Airforce academy & how Military is united & how Civilines are Divided into..

    This guy is awesome every fact he describes is worth every word.
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    China dismisses on US stubborn warning over Pakistan's debt with China

    A top Chinese diplomat has angrily spurned US criticism of his country’s multibillion-dollar infrastructure push in Pakistan as he publicly gave point-by-point reply to the objections raised by the acting US assistant secretary of state on Friday. Alice Wells, President Trump’s aide on South...
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    Half of the world's poor live in these 5 countries...

    That's a separate issue, Where country manufacturing economies are concerned. Look at average hindu indian soldier, versus Pakistanis soldier they die brave full of economic package for jihad not for day job merely??? Ha ha ha bhaniyia
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    Letter from a Birmingham Jail

    Mulk tabaa ker diya ha He should be killed and whole family tortured
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    The house liquor of the Muslim world

    Yeah bohot aacha drink ha brand name quality
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    Protests as snake kills Indian schoolgirl in class

    WAYANAD, INDIA: Angry students at an Indian school protested on Friday after a 10-year-old pupil died after being bitten by a venomous snake lurking in a hole under her desk. Shehala Sherin was only taken to hospital from the school an hour after being bitten and once her leg turned blue, media...
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    Half of the world's poor live in these 5 countries...

    Yes among poorest of the poor there is huge mega poverty class of poor people from India which is hidden by New Delhi.
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    How Important Is Buddhist Pilgrims' Visit To Pakistan?

    This is very important religion not to ignore for betterment of collective Pakistan.
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    COAS arrived in Iran on official visit - DG ISPR

    Long live peace & prosperity in this region !
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    Dr Fiza Akbar Khan bashes Bilawal Bhutto

    Bilawal is not fit to rule at all !
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    Assimalhakeem - Not allowing Women's section in Masjids. People preventing women from attending Masjid

    The title itself is not broad minded when all women should be allowed inside mosques.
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    Uncovered: 265 coordinated fake local media outlets serving Indian interests

    Business insider is part of Indian propaganda team but with American news as well.