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    Rumours about arrest of Siddique Jan.

    He is one of the rays of light in the darkness that has blanketed Pakistan for decades.
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    ‘Passive immunisation’ can save COVID-19 patients: Pakistan’s top hematolog

    It is a hundred years old technic and is being tried for corona virus disease.
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    Furious Daddu Charger

    Theek hi kaha dudoo charger ney….Noora dut key parchi parhta tha Obama key samnay
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    India: Muslim man beaten up In Gujrat, made to say jai shri ram !
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    Imtiaz Alam's reaction after his insult by Shahbaz Gill

    Fascism is murdering 15 innocent people including pregnant women in Model town with no one ever caught and punished. Using harsh language towards this idiot Imtiaz on social media is not fascism.
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    " Imran Khan is quite handsome, Is he Justin Trudeau of Pakistan?" asks Nahal Toosi (US journalist)

    Justin Trudeau is no match for Imran Khan. Justin was born with silver spoon, never struggled for anything, became prime minister because of father's name recognition. Justin Trudeau lacks truth, honest and courage which are great qualities in Imran Khan. I don't see any western leader who come...
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    Overseas Pakistanis & American Politicans Welcome message for PM imran khan

    Arriving at 3:35 pm EDT (12:35 am PST). Currently passing over New Hampshire state
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    Malaysia scraps multi-billion dollar China-backed project

    Like any sane, living, breathing entity, Malaysia takes a U turn when necessary
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    Asif Zardaree Pakistan Ka Sab Say Bara Baadmaash.

    Disgusting and shameful for a nation of 20 million. A handful of mafia thugs have so easily enslaved this impotent nation. It is shocking how incapable 20 million people are.
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    Pakistan to pay China over 60 million surcharge daily for Orange-Line Train Project

    Congrats! to our corrupt and blackmailer media, who is keep criticizing Usman Buzdar, there is no comparison in between these 2 as showbaaz is a real crook.