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    لاہوری صاحب کے پی کے میں جا کر مزے کر رہے ہیں

    Re: لاہوری صاحب کے پی کے میں جا کر مزے کر رہے ہی&#1 shahzadaaaaaaaaaa
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    Khabarnaak on Geo News 27th June 2015

    (yapping)(yapping)(yapping)(yapping)(yapping)linkkkk noooooooooooooooooooooot workinggggggggggggggg
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    Mubashir Luqman EXPOSED corruption of PML N Rana Tanveer

    tun kay rakh ML in choor kay bachoon ko
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    Mian nawaz sharif ol picture

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    Islamabad Police vacated 5 Education Institutions today

    why police captured school..... any information
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    Imran Khans crazy fan Manahil Shah who had come from Dubai to Participate in PTI Sit-in

    that is way our leader are jealous from IK....very nice
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    The Slogan has become Viral

    Re: Lets all make go nawaz go profile pictures for whatsapp,skype and facebook Pakistan is full of street Dogs and the Cats if laminated poster "SLOGEN" tie in his neck I think it will work
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    Who is taking and who is giving in this picture? Watch hands :)

    I think NS is taking -- becoz baggers never give.
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    Najam Sethi ! bare saste me bikkay ho :- Imran Khan

    najm sethi .... he he he he --- IK ko kia pata main tou bara manga bika hoon...inko kia pata...he he he yeh to muna ko bhai nahi pata hahahaaha...
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    How does these rulers of Pakistan thinks for themselves?

    they deserve actually----:(
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    Makes me throw up seeing Shami on TV these days

    Paisa bool raha hay with Full volume
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    Can MQM and PTI be united?

    هم لوگ الطاف پر تنقيد تو كرتے هيں ليكن هوسكتا هے الطاف نے يه راسته (منافقت اور خباثت) مجبورا چنا هو جب اليكشن دهاندلي زده هوں اور حق دار كو اسكا حق نه ملے تو مجبورا يا مرو يا مارو دو - ميرا خيال هے الطاف جو كر رها وهي راستے اب تحريك انصاف كو چننا هوگا - سادا حق ايتهے ركهـ
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    Imran receives Car Prize in 1980s

    No dear if Gift related to IK then it is necessary to pay TAX:P