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    استخارہ میں فضل الرحمن کو وزیراعظم بنتے دیکھا، تاریخ نہیں بتائی- مفتی کفایت

    Why was he invited to the channel, he is under investigation in child rape case, also he doesnt hold any post in Jui f so on what basis he is invited
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    Police arrested an influential man who tortured a citizen at the gunpoint

    Kch nh hona bcz ghareeb admi FIR tw ktwayega nahe is k against, max case aslah ki numaish ka ban skta hai
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    Arrest me i will not ask for a production order | Mian Javed Latif speech today | National Assembly

    He knows even pmln will not demand for his production orders
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    Abdul Razzaq has made Indians very angry

    Recently Abdul Razzaq has been saying foolish things to get attention, He even begged for mentoring Pandya
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    "Mera Baap DSP Hai, Tu Hai Kon?" - Shehri Ki Traffic Police Officer Se Talakh Kalami

    Mjhe tou bichara khiska hua lag rha hai
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    Imran Riaz Khan talks about Changes in Punjab Cabinet

    A bitter truth is ke ginnay chunnay officers k ilawa koi sust hai ya koi nikamma hai ya koi haramkhor hai
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    Shameful that nothing stays private anymore: Mehwish Hayat on cyber-bullying

    Girls agr private mein dance kr rhi hain tw ye videos phelaanay wale ghalat hoay wo nahe... shadion pe sab k gharo me dholki krti hain larkiyan private me kya uski videos b phelaa kr pochein... itni sakhti ya harkatain na kro ke wo azaad hojayein beghair kisi dar ke
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    PM Imran Khan and Gen Bajwa let down by whom - Rauf Klasra shares inside details

    What Rauf klasra said about CJP leaving a lrgacy, is the real fear
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    Arif Hameed Bhatti's take on the suspension of COAS Bajwa's extension

    Asif khosa is abt to retire soon. I hope he doesn't want to leave a legacy or make his name in history
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    Our country is waiting PM Imran Khan's france visit on 11 Nov - French Ambassador

    We need to neutralize france as france is perm member of security council nd very tilted towards India, dont know any reason other than rafael deal.
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    Hareem Shah rejected allegations of leaking Shaheen Shah Afridi video

    Attention seekers following the likes of rakhi sawant, we shd ignore them . Didnt listent to what she said in vid but I am pretty sure i saw the video on her Twitter ( clarification I am not following her someone sent me the link of the tweet)