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    Nani Amma

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    نوازشریف کی فوج مخالف تقریر پر وزیراعظم کا جواب

    Hahaha yaar bnda buht shareef hai likin kesi kaam ka nhi. I know someone who had to give him presentation regarding local bodies. He started with english, then urdu, and then tried his luck with pashto before giving up and accepting his defeat. Aisay provinces nahi chaltay.
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    Nani Amma

    Tu kutte ka bacha hai. That makes me your daddy 😂 🤣
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    Nani Amma

    Brother kyun us ko phasana chathay ho. But haan he gets botox in islamabad. If you want I can give you the dermatologists name too.
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    Nani Amma

    Bro fuck maryam and her antics. You stop worshipping a mortal. He gets botox and applies hair color. Should learn to age gracefully. My 2 cents
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    Nani Amma

    Pehli baar aik Punjabi ko ghaddar suntay howai maza araha hai. Werna aab tuk tu hum balochi aur pathan he sirf is mulk mai ghaddar thay lol
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    Nani Amma

    BTW as funny as this even Khan gets botox for eye bags etc. I know the doctor who does his job. Kaptan has to appeal to the youth not realising he is gonna be 70 lol
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    National Debate with Jameel Farooqui -17th Oct 2020 - Azam Swati Interview

    People like him and Amir liaqat made me lose faith in PTI. Known absconder. 😷🤧
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    آپ وزیراعظم ہیں آپ مذاق اڑاتے ہیں لوگوں کی بھوک ۔۔مریم اورنگزیب کا ردعمل

    Niazi's are not Khans. Its just a later addition. Don't teach me about my own history please.
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    تبدیلی یہ ہے کہ اج تاریخی غربت اور تاریخی بے روزگاری ہے ۔ بلاول زرداری

    No of course not. MQM is to be blamed for creating panic in the business community that slowly and gradually shifted to UAE. And PPP is to be blamed for the rest. Likin KP mai 7th saal se continuous hakumat hai PTI ki aur sub se bekr aur incompetent hakumat hai hamari provincial history mai. Log...
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    آپ وزیراعظم ہیں آپ مذاق اڑاتے ہیں لوگوں کی بھوک ۔۔مریم اورنگزیب کا ردعمل

    Niazi's were not Khans. You don't know much about pakhtun culture but historically there were only 7 families that were Khans. Aaj kal ke dur mai mere mulazim ke naam ke agay bhi Khan laga howa hai. Khair IK should have sued her kyunke kaafi ajeeb baatein hain us mai.
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    آپ وزیراعظم ہیں آپ مذاق اڑاتے ہیں لوگوں کی بھوک ۔۔مریم اورنگزیب کا ردعمل

    Khan today said in his speech that you cannot write a book in England until and unless each word is true citing his victory against Ian Botham in a defamation case. So does this prove in his own terminology and to our understanding that whatever Reham weather girl wrote in her book is true? Just...
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    پی ڈی ایم جلسہ کے بعد گوجرانوالہ سٹیڈیم کا حلیہ بگڑ گیا

    The same was the case after dharna at D chowk. Our masses don't take any civic responsibility.
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    نواز شریف ایسے بولتے ہیں جیسے ان میں مودی کی روح ہو - پرویز الہی

    Lol sahi baat hai. In ka background check kero yeh kese arab patti ban gaye. Their father was a police constable, also these two brothers happen to be stooges who have no democratic vision whatsoever.