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    A miracle in Peshawar high court for Gazi Khalid; Hassan Hashmi reveals

    Who is this asshole?
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    میں اونٹ خود نحر کرتا ہوں، بکرے اور بیل بھی خود ذبح کرتا ہوں- اینکر عمران

    Do you really think these people will know the difference between نحر and نہر when they can't make difference between good and evil?
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    'Money Heist' to conclude with fifth and final season

    Comment of the Day!
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    Alien Signs? | ‘Mysterious’ crop circle appears on Bavarian field - RT

    All human made as proven in past many times.
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    فرانس نے بھارت کو پرانے رافیل طیارے چپکا دیے

    It could be, banye ko French crooks ney mamoo bana deya.
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    Haram khooron ka group photo
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    Meri Jan Khtra Man Ha | Iqrar ul Hassan Very Important Message | Info Mag

    Our judges and justice system is a complete failure against mafia and corrupt elements of our society.
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    سرینا عیسی کی منی ٹریل جعلی نکلی

    A crooked wife of even more crooked person.
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    Pakistan records trade surplus with Italy

    Good news for all Pakistanis under the leadership of an honest PM Imran Khan
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    جج کا ویڈیو لیک کرکے۔ لوھار پھڑے گئے۔

    Only hoping the best for Pakistan.
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    PM Imran Khan Media Talk today | COAS Qamar Javed Bajwa Present

    Surprisingly IK looking in much better shape, smarter, and active. Bad news for haters and patwaris.
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    Jalali English Interview

    If I were in his place I would have replied in Urdu and asked him to get an interpreter for his own convenience because; a) English is not my mother tongue. b) I have every right to answer in my own language. Please change your attitude guys we got our independence 74 years ago from British raj.
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    Can we pray Namaz in our own language ? see what Dr Shabir says

    I agree and I have corrected myself. Thanks for reminding.