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    مذاق - حامد میر

    He is zardari and nawaz dogy don’t care what bakwas he said or write, mir naam hi kafai hai ghadar khandaan from mir jaffar.
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    "When I'll become PM, I will see you" Maryam threatened NAB official of dire consequences

    When I will be PM lol, kutia first clear ur tabbar from corruption then dream, churail kha gee harram money oper se tharia, koi strong police woman es ki gandi gaand par subah shaam dus dus chittar maray, kuti kanjari.
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    'Austerity drive': PM Imran Khan will travel to the US on a commercial flight rather than a charter plane

    We don’t care how you go, be a captain kick out incompetent from cabinet bring sincere and hardworking people, you said 200 needed from 22 crores, you cannot find 200 in one year. We are losing hope.
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    PTI Punjab (New) spokesperson contested 2018 Elections against its own party candidates

    This bitch doesn’t worth if Pti lost three seats due to her and her dad stubbornness, kick out selfish baap beti. Shahbaz gill is cheeta of Khan, bring him back at federal level. Awan tu zardari ki ghullam hai, replace her with Gill.
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    Malala wins the internet with her iPhone 11 tweet

    Shut up Bitch, on Kashmir issue do you have a stoke your hands tongue don’t work, or can’t write, IPhone fuck off kutia bitch, we knew you are Bitch you proved all time you are.
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    ارشاد بھٹی کا عظیم کھلاڑی عبدالقادر کو خراج تحسین

    Army se koi problems, kia kisi Army walay ni teri gandi gaand main kuch dia. Harram zaday dont dare to bark Army is our pride, kisi Hindu kutoo ke paltu.
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    اے ٹی ایم مشین کے ساتھ لگے کیمرے کو منہ چڑانے والے ملزم کی دوران تفتیش ویڈیو

    Really looks innocent small choor looted banks, big criminals Nawaz and Zardari and their co partners women are in VIP protocol, and who is in power Imran Khan honest and brave, we prayed for you Sir for this. These big choors looted our mother our honour. Those policemen should be behind bar...
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    Javed Ghamidi leaving Malaysia after spending 10 years there

    Harram zadah es ki apni tafseer hai just like qadiani, he is today ghullam ahmed qadiani, gummrah, lulooo.
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    Smile on the face of Asif Ali Zardari after Jail authorities shifted him to hospital

    He is smiling on the system army shame on some idiots who facilities these crooks lananth lananth besharmmoo, aik kuta chooris laughing on you. Es ko ulta latka kar paisa nikllo putting him in 7 star hotel, behen chhod kutay.
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    Video Scandal: IHC CJ suspends Judge Arshad Malik

    This nutt should be sent to prison not in high court.
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    UAE to give Modi highest civilian award: report

    Lannant begherat arab rulers, he is killer of Muslims and giving him award and making mandar, son of bitches, don’t travel on Emirate airline.
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    Zakir Naik questioned for 7 hours by Malaysian Authorities

    is this khawarji mulla relevant to our nation or country, if he did corruption in his dirty inhuman country india so let him face. es kutay ne for a long time made us fool, at last, he is exposed.
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    مرد حر زرداری ڈٹ گیا ہے

    Yeh choor kuta going jail not phuphoo ke ghar demanding facility why don’t give anything to this certified choor, harram zadah dacooo.
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    Malaysia considering to expell Dr Zakir Naik

    So what he is khawarji dog, let him root in hell and world, his khawarji masters will rescue him, if he did corruption in India he has to face music.
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    Hot debate between Maleeha Hashmi & Indian Journalist in Arnab Goswami's Show on Kashmir Issue

    Sir sir what you did who asked you to come with dogs, if you came then speak with authority baa baa Sir sir shut up grow first then speak with these dogs, if zaid Hamid was there then see how these dogs speak.