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    God Sends Me Message And Then I Write (Dramas & Songs) - Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

    Begerate dont bring Allah in your dirty dramas, sharabi harami God send him message, chutia Haram zadah.
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    God Sends Me Message And Then I Write (Dramas & Songs) - Khalil ur Rehman Qamar

    What do you mean, agar bhonkna hai tu khul kar bhonk.
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    House of senior journalist robbed in Lahore

    He is not safahi, he is dalal of noora choor and harram khoor of India,
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    New Minister for education KPK holds only Matriculation degree | Reshuffle in KPK cabinet

    Matric is a degree??? Owl it is just a certificate, not a degree.
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    Judiciary had no problems with Gen Kayani extension even petition was rejected sayings PM’s prerogative- Mafia rules

    Harrami khosa needed fellowship of USA and UK so he played dirty games, in last age he destroyed himself khosa khota. Kuta harram zadah, didn’t know how much love our brave Army.
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    Main bhi non muslim tha magar PCB ne kabhi discriminate nahi kya, Mohammad Yousuf

    Who is this Ullo ka patha, making us listen with wrong headings. Abhay gadhay tu hai kon, No one knows you. Hindu bania chutia.
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    Irfan Qadir's opinion on Government decision of filing review petition against SC's judgement in COAS Bajwa’s extension case

    Khota harram zadah, is he in USA, he did to get fellow ship in USA, kutia ka bacha, we love our Army not these idiots judges harram khoor budhay badshakal.
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    حکومت توسیع کے حوالے سے کوئی رولز بنانے کی اہلیت نہیں رکھتی - سراج الحق

    Shut up kutay khabese, who made you Senator Haram zaday, imran why made this snake a senator.
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    ہم نے آئین وقانون کو کیا دیکھا ہمارے خلاف پراپیگنڈا شروع ہوگیا - چیف جسٹس

    Abhay chall khothay Model town murder case are waiting, dekha shut up, we all know all are you corrupt, Bajwa will see you soon.
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    لبرل بریگیڈ اور جیووالوں کا نیا ابو

    Dogs are barking no one cares. Nawaz choor ke kutuoo zoor se bhonkoo.
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    ن سے کتنے بندے پی ٹی آئی میں آنے والے ہیں؟ کیا اس بار پی ٹی آئی چھانگا مانگا جیسی سیاست کرنے جا رہی ہیں؟

    Yes no asool just go for kill do in Rome as Romans do, en kuto ko kill karnay ke liye take Plmn kuturay all of them, so choor chaudries cannot black mail Khan.
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    Social Media users reaction on Hamid Mir's recent column against PM Imran Khan

    Kutay ka bacha kuta harrami Hamid mir jaffir you will be remembered as jaisa baap ghadar waisa beta. Ktura harram zadah.
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    Namaz in Gurdwara Kartarpur

    should not inside, should be in his office, room or ground, please outside. he can hear sikhs doing bakwas his concentration is not with him. he can hear music played. IT IS STUPID
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    Mian Sahib will not give any assurance bonds in any case | Uzma Bukhari

    Kutu gurrentee doo bakwas mat Karoo.