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    Imran Khan's slip of tongue in Wana, calls Bilawal Bhutto 'Sahiba'

    It was surely on purpose
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    منسٹر سائنس اینڈ ٹیکنالوجی سے اپیل

    What a bloody joke this government is Khan needs Presidential system You can’t run ministries with these noobs
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    I forced Pakistan go begging across the world - Narendra Modi

    They have changed their narrative the 10th time Make up your mind Retarded Modi
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    He should be very very careful in decision making - Haroon Rasheed warns Imran Khan

    Don’t believe anything chacha kuppi says
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    Govt Decides to Change, Replace Five Federal Ministers

    Asad umar was brain of pti 🙄
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    Kia Ishaq Dar ko waqai TV shows main BAN kr dia gia hai? Fawad Ch reveals

    100% should be banned We support u fawad on this