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    SBP: See Pakistan's FY2021 Growth at 2% from -0.4% Previously

    Be Because of covid
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    How the recent census has facilitated exploitation of Karachi

    Immigrants in Karachi are not considered Pakistani citizens that is why not included in the census. Bangladeshi, Burmese and afghans are in huge number in Karachi so they might appear in demographics but not in census
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    The CIA sent 4 operators on a spy mission to China. None came back

    Why not use satellites? The whole plan looks foolishly planned. They could have used underground drones to put sensors in the right place or that may not be possible and could have used satellites
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    Victory for Pakistan, as it gets stay over $6B fine in Riko Deck case

    Because the matter is in court and not settled yet.
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    Gilgit Baltistan to be made province

    It was a long-awaited demand by people of GB
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    معروف عالم دین کے خواتین سے متعلق انتہائی اخلاق سے گرے الفاظ

    This scumbag abused moulana tariq jameel in a JUI jalsa. Filthy Creatures
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    موٹروے پر خاتون کا ریپ، نابالغ بچوں سے زیادتی۔ جنسی گھٹن کا نتیجہ

    Consensual sex is lot common in africa and south America yet rape cases are on peak there. Partly I do agree with the fact that easy availability of partner might reduce such cases but real problem is having a criminal mindset and having the feeling of above law and knowing there will be no...
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    Victim Shaming and rapist/criminal protection culture in Pakistan

    From the police chief to shahbaz gill to buzdar everyone has taken notice of the incident and has ordered to bring criminals to justice. Whole Society is shocked at it yet such sick-minded people are defending criminals and declaring women responsible for her rape and the funny thing is such...
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    ایک سی سی پی او نے ن لیگ کو ہیجرا بنا دیا

    سی سی پی او لاہور یعنی کیپیٹل سٹی پولیس افسر لاہور کی سیٹ بڑی اہم سمجھی جاتی ہے۔ لاہور پنجاب کا اہم تر ین شہر ہے، یہاں پر پوسٹنگ کسی بھی پولیس افسر کا خواب ہے۔ چند دن پہلے تک سی سی پی او لاہور کے لیے ڈی جی خان کے سابق آرپی او عمر شیخ کی تعیناتی کی خبرصرف ایک خاص حوالے سے اہم سمجھی گئی۔ کہا گیا...
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    ایک سی سی پی او نے ن لیگ کو ہیجرا بنا دیا
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    لاہور ہائیکورٹ کا ایک اور کارنامہ

    Islamabad high court, sindh high court and lohar high court all three are united to protect sugar mafia. The mafia has real deep roots. Eating the country from its very base