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    چاہے 10 گھنٹے کیلئے ہی سہی یہ مجھے گرفتار کرنا چاہتے ہیں، ایمان مزاری

    My friend it's not just Bajwa, there is a gang of sold out Generals in GHQ. When he leaves, he will be replaced by another Ghulam.
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    Time to re-calculate before its too late

    Pakistan has a problem and it is the Generals in GHQ. History will not remember Imran Khan as a Prime Minister of Pakistan but he will be remembered as the Leader who exposed the Corrupt system of Pakistan. Only a person like Imran Khan can bring the system down.
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    India is Screwed by Pakistan, Christine Fair!!!

    This is India's big time foreign policy disaster. Indian polity starts from cow piss and ends with "gobar" cow dung.
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    The Cancerous Justice System In Pakistan.

    All the institurions have collapsed.
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    Before and After...

    I think she is psycho
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    بھارتی ریاست اتر پردیش میں ہولی کے موقعہ پر مسلمان فیملی پر غنڈوں کا حملہ

    India is heading in the direction of a bloody Civil war and this election will be the trigger.
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    National Dastak shambhu kumar singh on Pulwama attack.

    for those who don't understand hindi: "Swarn" is an upper-caste hindu.
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    وزیراعظم کن چاروزراء کی چھٹی کرانیوالے ہیں؟

    Then which idiot do you think is fit to do this job?
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    "There will be an International Dangal now" - Rauf Klasra criticises PM Imran's decision to Induct Sheikh Rasheed in PAC

    By inducting Sheikh Rasheed into PAC, Imran Khan has made PAC irrelevant. Well played Imran Khan.
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    Is it now mandatory to add a thumbnail to new thread?

    how do we add thumbnail?
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    Senior analyst Saeed Qazi's reaction on NAB's appeal dismissed against Nawaz Sharif sentence suspension

    Because of Imran Khan this corrupt system has been given temporary life extension, eventually it will fall under it's own weight.