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    A moment of National Pride.

    Sharam ka Muqaam OR National Pride…imported Kuffar ka Yaar Gaddar !!
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    Is General Qamar Bajwa a Traitor ?

    Aimal Kansi ke Lawyer ne kuch kaha tha….kisi ne suna ho ya kisi ko yaad ho…???
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    Is General Qamar Bajwa a Traitor ?

    He is Wazeer of Kurulus Osman…!!!
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    PM's Clowns Have Resigned

    Better to remember and mention the good things Waqar and Misbah have done for their country according to best of their abilities and capacity. Small mind brings forth a filth and great mind discusses ideas 😀👍👍👍
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    Phakistan, Phakistan, Maleeha Lodhi, Phakistan, Phakistan!!!

    We fund bbc here in the name of so called TV Licence for what to produce fake propaganda against Pakistan. This BBC anchor should never be allowed to enter Pakistan but may wish you have a cow urine drink along with Moodi in New Delhi.
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    Phakistan, Phakistan, Maleeha Lodhi, Phakistan, Phakistan!!!

    Wow who is that motherFukkker Lady….filthy piece of shitttt she smells so bad and sounds like a Twin Sister of Terrosist Moodi…what a fucking Bitch she Is….!!!!!!!
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    Qazi Faiz Essa's Father: Pak Movement Leader or a Traitor

    Faiz The Corrupt Judge!!!
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    اس بیچارے کی پٹوارنا سوچ بڑی پرانی ہے

    According to Shahid Afridi Urf (Patwari Bhai) Nawaz Sharif agar khata hai tu lagata bhi hai 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏
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    عمران نیازی نے تحریک انصاف کا منہ کالا کر دیا

    Eat some Khota meat Fartwari....corrupt mindset like you CUNT are truly burden on this EARTH!!!
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    Heaven or Hell, Ball is in Faez Is's Court...

    I think Faiz Isa Zehni tawazun kho chukka hai...not fit to be a judge. Must be sacked
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    نیازی دوسرا الطاف حسین بنے گا

    Teri amma ki abdaamenahani lunma tabdeel hosakti hai lekin Khan Khan hi rahe ga...!!!!
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    This is why Sultan Raja (ECP Chief) should be subservient to Sharif Family.

    Shakal se cunning cunt lag raha hai chootya
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    Qazi Faez Isa was part of the Plan.

    How come this corrupt cunt Qazi ended up to a supreme judge. What a shame! This corrupt judge is openly supporting corrupt culprits of PDM and defending his illegitimate property abroad without money trail. What a shame!! What a cunt..!!!