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    Capt (retd) Safdar arrested from hotel in Karachi: Maryam Nawaz

    ye farmaishy giraftari hai bro. Aap ki tamam farmaishein kia Sindh police poori karegi?
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    کیا پاکستان کو برطانیہ پر حملہ نہیں کرنا چاہئے ؟

    Sha sahib, Khan tou aisa hi Deewana hai but he is surrounded by "farzaney". I am sure he is gonna erupt in near future (maybe within few weeks)
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    !!!اسلام مخالف واقعات زیادہ تر سکینڈی نیوین ممالک ہی میں کیوں ہوتے ہیں

    Because Scandinavian people have a great tendency towards Islamic teachings, in fact they are more than Muslim with a basic difference of not being a Kalima-go.
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    موٹروے پر خاتون کا ریپ، نابالغ بچوں سے زیادتی۔ جنسی گھٹن کا نتیجہ

    There is no hadood ordinance in India but it is the worlds biggest rapistan.
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    Rumors are that Khadim Rizvi has been arrested after this speech

    de de yaar aik hazaar kia aik karor de de mere maa baap ko. Jab mere nabi SAW ne keh dia ke galian dene walo ko hi palat kar jaati hain tou mein kion jawab doon? Yahi tou badle wali jahil qabaaily soch hai jo is muashre se fitna angezion ko khatam nahin hone de rahin hain.
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    کراچی میں تبدیلی کب آئے گی ؟

    1000% agreed with you shah sahib.
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    Modern day "Laal Bhujakkar"

    He is a perfect example of Home/self made danishwar. What he did in his so-called column except making a black corner in the newspaper. Is there any suggestion(s) on the problem he mentioned?? jaagde raho, saade te na rawo. موڑ خطرناک ہے..... آگے موڑ ہے سڑک بھی تنگ ہے اور موڑ بھی خطرناک ہے،...
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    Crying Indians!!

    Yes, we are preparing something big for chaddies.
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    (کیا چین نے روٹ بدل لیا ہے (دوسرا حصہ

    Of course, China is here to earn. What's wrong with it? we have to extract our chunk.
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    (کیا چین نے روٹ بدل لیا ہے (دوسرا حصہ

    A completely biased analysis which was started from an assumption ( he/she admitted him/herself). You keep on crying for the China-Europe route. Mt dear, CEPEC is for Afro-China and partially an Arab_China trade. Check the amount of Chinese investment being poured into Africa. Your payers are...
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    This is the most read story of this Week as per Al Jazeera!!!

    No politics, no hypocrisy, pure heart. That is IK!
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    سلطنتِ عثمانیہ کی شکست و ریخت کی کہانی

    Muslim saazish was there when we expened till the heart of Europe. When you win it is a victory and when you loose it is a saazish.