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    Mushtaq Minhas has a point here!!

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    خان پر الزام

    خان پر کیا خوبصورت الزام آیا ہے قرآن کی آیات پڑھتا ہے اور ان پر یقین بھی رکھتا ہے۔ واہ میرے مالک
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    Who was Jamshed Dasti's press conference?

    just came across this question. What do you guys think?
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    Can someone please explain Bajwa/Faiz Fuss?

    I talked to an army officer, and he told me that this is the military's internal conflict. Khan wanted to bring in Faiz as the next army chief, and Bajwa didn't like this. Can someone elaborate on why Bajwa dislikes Faiz and Khan likes him?
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    Washington Purchased the Corrupt Pak Parliament but Lost the Pak People

    Wow wow...boys take it easy...bacha hai, abb kia jaan lo ge?
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    I've never seen people this active & responsive - CEO

    😂🤣 he always had baaal...following him from quite a while Check his profile
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    ‏ڈراؤ مت، آؤ اور گرفتار کرو۔۔ عمران ریاض خان's owner posted similar message today.