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    ‏فوجی قیادت کے خلاف ہرزہ سرائی، کینیڈین ہائی کمشنر کی دفتر خارجہ طلبی

    Khisyani Billi Khamba Nochay.... They do not even know that the Canadian Embassy Staff or Foreign Office or even Canadian Government can not control what is said in their Parliament. If it was so, Pakitani ambassador would be called on what Jamaat e Islami senators or MNAs say about America.
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    ماتم - IMF being lenient with current government: Shaukat Tarin

    See at 16:17. He has answered your question
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    چیئرمین نیب کے معاملہ پر وزیراعظم اور اپوزیشن لیڈر میں ڈیڈ لاک

    USA does not waste its tax payers money on lotas. It only uses its influence to bring its stooges to power and let them use the loot money. They did not even pay Raymond Davis's Diyyat. It is only Pakistani tax payer's money that gets used on such operations. I think Zardari used SInd goverments...
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    چیئرمین نیب کے معاملہ پر وزیراعظم اور اپوزیشن لیڈر میں ڈیڈ لاک

    Because Donald Lu did not say anything about IMF deal. He only said USA will not punish Pakistan if NCM succeeds. They never promised to help Pakistan.
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    DAWN Is siding with Hindu Extremists instead of condemning

    Indians monitor everything in Pakistan. They identify key resources inside Pakistan that they can buy for their agenda in both private and government institutions. Large media houses woth huge following like Dawn and Geo were in 2008 became attractive targets for Indians.
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    میٹرو سٹیشن آگ؛ جھوٹے صحافی، میڈیا اور ہندوستان کا ہاتھ

    Abay aqal istamaal karo, darakhton ko aag sirf us waqt lagayi jaati he jab had se zyada ansoo gas ki shelling ki jaye. Logon ko saaans na aa rahi ho to wo aag lagatay hain take ansoo gas garam hawa ke sath ooper nikal jaye aur log saans le sakain. Zimmadar sirf wo hain jinhon ne ansoo gas ki...
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    آدھی رات کو فوج طلب کرنا حکومت کی مکارانہ چال تھی،امجدشعیب

    Retired Officers Retired officers are openly supporting PTI and Imran Khan. He is one of them.
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    عمران خان نے حکومت کو 6 دن کی مہلت دیدی

    Imran Riaz Khan said on ARY this morning that IK's companions were contacted by powerful people which resulted in this decision. He thinks IK is sure that government will fall or announce elections in 6 days.
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    Vaccination requirement to enter Pakistan?

    I visited Pakistan recently. Full vaccination is still required. However, corona test is no longer required.
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    اوکاڑہ میں مسلم لیگ ن کا جلسہ ملتوی What rain?
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    Establishment didn't make a good plan to handle Imran Khan - Najam Sethi

    Why so many Indians commenting on this program in the ticker section in the video?
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    عمران خان پرتوہین مذہب کی ایف آئی آردرج ہونے کے بعدخواجہ سعدنے کیا کہا؟

    It is called Law of the Land. Only law of the land applies. For exampl, drinking alcohol is legal in Dubai but illegal in Pakistan. If someone drinks alcohol in Dubai, no action can be taken against him in Pakistan. In the same way, only Saudi law applies to Masjid Nabwi, not Pakistani law.
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    عمران خان پرتوہین مذہب کی ایف آئی آردرج ہونے کے بعدخواجہ سعدنے کیا کہا؟

    It is s frivolous case which will be thrown out in the first hearing by court. Any event that happens outside Pakistan is not subject to Pakistani law. Only Saudi law applies and Saudi Arabia can take action on it. Pakistani law does not apply and no action can be taken under Pakistani law
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    خانہ کعبہ میں عمران خان کے خلاف نعروں پرمریم نواز کیا کہتی تھیں؟ His wife Sadia Nadeem Malik is a PML N MPA. He is therefore not a journalist but member of PML N.
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    جامعہ کراچی کے قریب گاڑی میں دھماکا ،متعدد افراد جاں بحق