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    مشکوک رقوم کی منتقلی۔کشمالہ طارق کا سرکاری عہدہ خطرے میں

    Nothing will happen, she will make somebody happy and everything will be ok.
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    Inside the epicentre of the UK's COVID-19 crisis

    Thanks for sharing
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    عمران نیازی کے سپورٹر

    well done, Allah may give you kids like Maryam Safdar, Hussan & Hussain, Allah may give you life of NS, Ameen. Happy now.
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    عمران نیازی کے سپورٹر

    Dear, he will answer to Allah, what about your leader and his family who paid bribe in Madina Munawar and presented PORN movie to a judge in such Pak city.
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    عمران نیازی کے سپورٹر

    MaShaAllah, Janab, PMLN workers always write بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم before posting lies, NS before printing BIBI Saheed and ZAB wife nude pictures wrote بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم on it, NS before looting Pakistan said بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم , mate you and your leaders are worthless FUCKING CUNTS...
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    مریم نواز شریف پارلیمنٹ ہاؤس پہنچ گئیں

    Dear thread starter, I salute you for your devotion as PMLN worker & earning Rizqa Halal but but my dear is she worth of wasting forum, she is a convicted criminal, she is worthless physically, morally and character wise, please dont do it again.
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    مولانا فضل الرحمان ملا عمر بن سکتے ہیں، سلیم صافی

    MaShaAllah, what relation development.
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    مولانا فضل الرحمان ملا عمر بن سکتے ہیں، سلیم صافی

    I am not sure how much truthful that guy is but about FAZLO FAMILY I know personally that they are corrupt from top to bottom, because of Fazlo corruption I left Pakistan, he & all his brothers' are morally, religiously, financially and physically corrupt. He started Shia Sunni fassad in 1984...
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    The mother of all universities in Pukhtunkhwa goes bankrupt.

    Dear, where it is written that the Peshawar University is BANKRUPT? Gomal University since I was student (AGES AGAO) is under financial problems and still operating. Why you always spread stupid things.
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    چلو تھوڑا آرام کر لو عمرانیو - کرنٹ اکاونٹ کی ڈگ ڈگی ذرا بند ہو گی ہے

    Being a devoted worker, he always put filth with a devotion. I respect his/her devotion.
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    چلو تھوڑا آرام کر لو عمرانیو - کرنٹ اکاونٹ کی ڈگ ڈگی ذرا بند ہو گی ہے

    I really respect you but you always forget to mention that YOUR RADIO PAKISTAN is under loan, your MOTORWAYS are under loan, you PTCL is in the hand Arab company who is even not paying the money which they suppose to pay, your JUDGES are corrupt, your TEACHERS are on fake degrees, your heavy...
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    ایک اور تباھی -- ایل این جی کا کنٹریکٹ بھی بس گیا

    Dear, in this article you wrote yourself about excess payment, legal opinion from international firm and notice to that company regarding excess payment, so dear what else you want? If there is any problem then all LEGAL FORUMS are used, that was IK claim that Pakistan is being looted legally...
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    Pakistan can take IT exports to $10b

    Skills not cut copy paste skills like Indian Engineers.
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    حریم شاہ کا اگلا ٹارگٹ

    Dear, you are PMLN supporter, did anybody ever said that you are as cheap as PMLN leadership, all of us always appreciated your zeal and hard work, the way you spread filth on this forum, the cheapness you always express, nobody ever condemn you as a person but as a PMLN worker.