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    MQM Stands for??? Cast Your Vote Now...

    Yes my dear, so what, I have an identity, I have a country.
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    MQM Stands for??? Cast Your Vote Now...

    My dear, my identity is Pakistani, nothing else.
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    MQM Stands for??? Cast Your Vote Now...

    What is Mohajir means? My great grandfather was a migrant but my grandfather, father & I never claimed to be Mohajir, we are Pakistani, how come MQM supporters are still Mohajirs.
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    Indian delicacies still popular in Lahore

    Bahi Jee what you want to prove?
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    Crane crashes in mountain at Malam Jabba while bringing out a car

    Dera, that thing was not even a crane, it was a digger and not supposed to be used there.
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    امریکہ ایران گٹھ جوڑ

    Not sure about such detail but historically one thing is sure whichever Muslim country America attacked Iran had some role to play there either before the attack or after the attack.
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    Hareem Shah has many controversial videos of Fawad Chaudhry claimed in Lucman show

    Dear what about NS (Samshad Bagum, Tahira Syed) & Zardari ( The girl who was caught on airport, I dont remember the name) , Bilawal, Maryam, Hussan HUssain, Dar & his son. Are they angels?
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    Ashoka the Great : Why we are not taught our own History in Pakistan?

    Dear, if you admire him, read about him and tell your family members about him. Why pushing others to read and admire about him?
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    یہ خرمستیاں کیا رنگ لائیں گی

    My dear thread starter, dont put so much venom here, Hareem Shah also claimed that during NS period she frequently visited PM house not now.
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    A tutorial on Brainwashing. Sweet talk with half truths and white lies!!!

    I used to think that our Molvies are haramies but these Hindu scholars are famous all over the world are big liar and HARAMIEST in the world. That guy is a big liar. Shame on him.
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    20 years of Brilliant Career of CJP Asif Saeed Khosa | Adv Abdul Ghaffar

    When he was appointed as judge? Any clue?
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    PM Imran Khan is responsible for this current crisis - Rauf Klasra

    I am tired of this Khalasra, even when he get QABAZE, he blames IK. He is working hard to prove that since 1947 IK is responsible for everything.
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    تمہیں پیراگراف 66 سے اتنی آگ کیوں لگی ہے؟؟

    Dear KHOTA DA PUTTAR article writer, you may fool the young kids with your twisted facts and falsification but we senior members are still here who know the facts and events, please vomit somewhere else.