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    Maulana Fazl ur Rehman's March to Islamabad a real threat to the Govt?

    Fazl ur Rehman will be bringing the Madrissa kids They are no pti supporters, who will sit down for days and block Islmabad Aik phainti lagni hai and you won't see them ever again its only his wishful thinking!
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    Story behind cafe Alynto, Lahore Raid over serving alcohol

    2 crore ki daily sharaab? unbelievable
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    Pakistan is the 68th largest export economy in the world

    lol sahi pakra hai bhai ne
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    Mobile Phone Service still closed Even After 10pm.

    fully working in Islamabad but I believe, It will be shut down tomorrow after 9 am until late in the evening.
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    Saqlain Mushtaq Reaction On Misbah Ul Haq Appointment as Head Coach

    Misbah is the brilliant option saqlain also should be the part of the pcb he has a vast experience coaching England and West Indies
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    Brits spent €4bn stockpiling goods in case of a no-deal Brexit. Brits should buy from Pak better quality & cheaper

    better quality? I live in Pakistan and I don't trust anything made in Pakistan. Long way to go before our market gains its trust back.
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    PM Khan lauds Information ministry's efforts for successful and effective executive of Kashmir hour

    Kudos to the team. It was very effective indeed! The whole of International media covered it!
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    Who is trending these trends?

    unbelievable twitter is being abused!!!
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    The scumbag Hamid Mir