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    Karamat e Aulia - Negating the Wahhabi Diarrhea :)

    Some people claiming to be Muslims here use the mistakes made by individuals to justify an entire Belief System which their ancestors themselves used to believe in. Using (unauthenticated) news report examples set by fake peers to prove an ideology is only done by people who want to create FASAD FIL ARD ...Such people surely are not working in the interest of Islam but rather in the Interest of their sect. Their falsehood is BOUND TO PERISH and lets see some real Karamat by Aulia and the True Peers


    1. Mazar-e-Shareef of Hazrat Azad Wali Auliya (RA) in Tirapatur, Tamil Nadu.
    He is one of the greatest Auliya allah who has great heights in Wilayat and Marifat.
    The Live Miracle here near the Mazar-e-Shareef is that 7 trees have surrounded the mazar e shareefs and no one puts the water in this dry place but even today the trees give shelter to this Mazar-e-shareef here. Also Once a man came to cut one of the tree, he cut had one tree and died on the next day. This is the Jalal here. People already advised the man not to cut tree near this auliya allah mazar e shareef but he didn’t listen to anyone and the man died next day.
    One More Live Karamat here is many people of Tirapatur and other areas come hear searching this mazar e shareef and they take mud from the mazar e shareef and it cures many remedies. This Auliya is also famous even today for healing many here.

    2. Dargah-e-Hazrat Khader Hussain Auliya (RA) , Bangalore ( Live Miracle of Adab)
    The Famous Auliya of great heights in Wilayat Hazrat Khader Hussain Auliya(RA) whose dargah shareef is in front of another Syed Sadath Hazrat Moiuddin Shah Qadri (RA) Almaroof Hazrat Kambal Posh Baba (RA). The Dargah shareef and Mazar e shareef of Hazrat Khader Hussain Auliya (RA) it was constructed like Taj Mahal style and had 3 ways earlier. Today only one way for the Dargah Shareef. But here the Live Karamaat ( Live Miracle of the present day ) is that the entire Mazar e Shareef and Dargah Shareef is tittled towards right side when you enter the Dargah shareef. Even the Mazar e shareef is tittled towards right side. This is observed by many people and great lovers who have noticed this miracle. The reason for this is only in respect of another auliya whose dargah shareef is exactly opposite to this dargah. Automatically this Mazar e shareef has turned. This is a sign of Respect of a auliya to another Auliya.
    ( Same miracle is also of Hazrat Khwaja Lalu Bhai Qasir (RA)’s Mazar-e-Sharef, point here to be noted is both auliyas were friends and same miracle of Respect ( Adab ) is found, the earth has turned their dargahs in respect of Syeds which is a live miracle even today )

    3. Dargah Shareef of Hazrat Khaleefat-ur-Rahman (Rahmatullah) in Ferozabad 30 kms from Gulbarga Shareef, in Gulbarga District, Karnataka.
    The Live Maracle ( Present Day Live Karamaat ) here is when there was no water at that time. Baba (RA) prayed then a lightning ( bigli) came and fell in the well and water started to come out. Till now the water in the well has some burnt smell.
    Also You can see the unique 3 Dimensional Roof construction of this dargah shareef, which is a Live Present day Karamaat.

    4. Live Miracle in Egypt you can find this karamaat even today :-
    Dargah Shareef of Syedina Hazrat Imam Abul Hassan Ash-Shazili (Razi Allahu Thaalah Anhu ) (d. 656/1241) , Humaisara, East Desert, South Egypt.
    ( Gaus-Al Akbar / Qutb-al-Abrar , The Founder of Shazhiliya Order ( Also called as Shazuliya Silsila )
    Hazrat Syedina Imam Shazuli (Razi Allahu Anhu ) once after magrib called His son Sheikh Muhammad (alias) Sheikh Sharfuddin (RA), and asked him to bring water from that well of Humaisara.Sheikh Sharfuddin (RA) with obedience looked at his father Hazrat Sheikh Shazhili Imam (Razi Allahu Anhu ) and told "oh! My Sheikh and my respected father, water from that well is too bitter to drink and some soft and pure water is available with us." Hearing this Sheikh Shazhili Imam uttered "oh! The chilness of my eyes! The piece of my heart. As you think, I am not asking that bitter water to drink. My intention is different. Kindly bring that." Obliging the words of the Respected father, Sheikh Sharfuddin (RA) went to that well and brought some water in a vessel. Hazrat Sheikh Shazhili Imam took some water, gargled in his mouth and spitted in that same vessel and ordered His son Sheikh Sharfuddin (Razi Allahu Anhu ) to put it back in that well and Sheikh Sharfuddin followed Imam's instructions. SUBHANALLAH! This incident stood an everlasting wonder (Karamat). Yes! Substantiating the greatness and glory of Hazrat Imam Shazhili ( Razi Allahu Anhu ), bitter water in that well turned as sweet as honey for people to drink.Till today, the taste of that water and it’s level in that well at Humaisara has never changed. Lakhs and Lakhs of people who come over there for Ziyarat carry over liters of water from that well to their countries.

    5. Hazrat Ali Hajveri Daata Ganj Bakhsh ( Razi Allahu Thaalah Anhu ), Lahore.
    The Live Miracle Karamaat here is water well which is the faizan of this great Auliya allah and still from more than 1000 years you find this water by the miracle and faiz of this auliya allah and people drinking this water which is a live miracle even today.

    6. Hazrat Baghdadi Shah Baba (RA) in Madh Island, Malad
    Here Sweet Water is found in the Dargah area. Well is on the ISLAND, surrounded by OCEAN full of SALTY water still it provides Sweet Water. Also Subhanallah !!!!
    ( It is said that during URS a DOLPHIN jumps in the water to salute Hazrat Baghdadi Baba (RA) and is visible only to lucky few & once you are here you will not feel like going back. Here you can find peace here )

    7. Hazrat Imaam Bari Sarkar (RA) in Rawalpindi.
    After Khilafat this awliya use to have alawa and in this alawa he use to put fire to the sticks throughout the year, the sticks use to burn 24 hours during his hayat-e-zaheri and even after the wisal even today in the dargah compound this awala is burning even toaday. The miracle here is that the Alawa which is burning people won't get heat even in summer season when they stand nearby. This is the famous miracle in the dargah of Hazrat Imam Bari Sarkar (RA) in Rawalpindi.

    8. Live miracle of water in salalah below the hills in Salalah
    From where the water comes in this dry region it is very amazing to see in salalah.

    9. The walking stick,which Shaykh Baha ud Din Naqshband (RA) received from Hazrat Khizr ( Alaihis salaam )

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    Re: Karamat e Aulia - Negating the Wahhabi Diarrhea :)

    lol lol ....Truthhood has Come and Falsehood is bound to perish ...You want to prove Aulia Allah (ra) fake then come and prove all these karamat as Fakes . Using a misguided persons example to enforce an opinion is akin to denying the reading of Namaz just because a sinful muslim doesnt pray !...hahahaha ...Which has never happened and is never going to happen !...Have Fun reading this and running to the bathroom :D
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    Re: Karamat e Aulia - Negating the Wahhabi Diarrhea :)

    Look at this too:

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    Re: Karamat e Aulia - Negating the Wahhabi Diarrhea :)

    Salam Brother

    Can you please explain what this picture is trying to show

    JazakAllah !

    Originally Posted by Veila Mast View Post
    Look at this too:

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    Re: Karamat e Aulia - Negating the Wahhabi Diarrhea :)

    This will lead to sectarian debate. Therefore the thread is closed!

    modern fakir
    Please avoid creating such thread. We absolutely do not allow sectarian debates on this forum
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