Thread: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,
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    Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    CPEC a real game changer or not:

    So what I was thinking that is CPEC a real game changer for Pakistan or not? so many questions which hit my mind were...
    If China wants a deal with Pakistan and its not a small business deal or something else its a big project which is named as CPEC(China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

    But doing this deal China didn't told Pakistan about the deep information or if we say that china told Pakistan then why the public is not being informed. for this deal we just know few things that there will be 9 major zones for CPEC Pakistan would spend about 4 billion rupees investment on this project yearly etc nothing else.
    but few days earlier i was reading the newspaper and i saw an article in which it was written that in the CPEC area only chineese investers would invest there money and that is a shocking news.

    Why? another thing I read that about 10,000 chineese settled in pakistan in the year of 2016 for the sake of jobs in CPEC. and this amount would be doubled in the end of 2017. think about it. I need your comments.
    Allah bless our country

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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    mairay bahee relax.
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    Hamza , let the investment start and then it will multiply and become a hub for all other investors too.
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    جب تک پاکستان ميں حقيقي احتساب نہيں ہوجاتا اس وقت تک سي پيک جيسے ايک لاکھ منصوبے بھي پاکستاني معيشت ميں جان نہيں ڈال سکتے
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    With this level of coruption,only beneficiery of CPAC will be the top 5% choors and Dhakoos.The rest will live their lives buisness as usual.
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    one Generation have to tolerate for next generation. CPEC is for pakistan but not for pakistani now. it will be for pakistani after 30 years

    Pakistan does not has majority those can fulfill the criteria of skills. that`s why chines are coming, remember chinses employee demands more salary. and any Organization dont want to pay enough money if that company find out the skilled engineers etc within local premises. the projects are being built in pakistan by chinse they required truly skillfull engineers. and our engineers have lack of information regarding technology. but our engineers also working with Chinese in order to get the knowledge/information of technology.

    it is true that most of Pakistani business mans are not competence to compete with chines and Pakistani business mans produce expansive products. we have only few pakistani companies that can work in CPEC i.e Engro, Cement factories. fertilizer companies. marble stons and Gems companies are already participating in CPEC. our business mans are worrying because they cant compete that means if they invest in any project their money may be wasted because of their expansive products compare to another company.

    it is also true Govt is activly hiding the facts from people. because Govt dont want any kind of hurdle in up coming or on going projects. but pakistani have to pay that money from their pockets i.e heavy direct indirect taxes, Bills, etc so People of pakistan have to suffer about 2 to 3 decades. either you can tolerate this for your next generation or not it`s totally depend on you.


    To be honest if i personally discuss about my self as a software engineer i will not work on CPEC project because i will not get handsome salary compare to Netherlands. and i have right to impose this kind of mindset because of our Govt Policies regarding Education..
    i submitted alot of application for Govt Job in karachi. but i didn`t get preferable job on which i deserve. And When i never went to Govt school/collage and university how can i be more patriotic? i observed that my Govt is Selfish so i am also Selfish. no one can blame me what ever i am doing. i am getting Halaal income and that is what matter for me.


    if Pakistani people keep on electing the Corrupt Mafia then forget about prosperity even with this CPEC.
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    okay brother
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    okay brother.
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    Re: Is CPEC a real game changer or not,

    CPEC is just a project to sell motherland by pakistani army mercenary real estate fauji foundation qabza mafia to get some money into their pocket

    the real beneficiary of CPEC is Lahore and then army, there is nothing for rest of pakistan much less Balochistan

    in the mean time everything is being handed over to China

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