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    Live with Talat - 12th July 2010 - Muhmand Agency Blast - [Must Watch]


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    This is the hardest patch Pakistan going through and what making it even worse is the corrupt and incompetent government which is all comprised of traitors and criminals.
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    Thanks commander for posting it. I am glad Talat Hussein brought this on media. It was no where on any channel until now. May Allah rest thier soul in peace.
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    i am punjabi and my heart was bleeding since when i heard this news... shame on this corrupt media and politicians who dint highlighted this issue as it should have been highlighted. i can see why non punjabis hate the punjabis but what can ordinary punjabis do except feel their brother pain?
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    Very sad. May Allah SWT forgive us for our negligence towards these people.

    All of media is discussing the PA resolution.

    We have to make sure that as an individual, as a nation and particularly by our government, loss of every life, whether in Mohamand agency or in Data Darbar, is given equal importance.

    I cannot even imagine the pain and suffering of these people. May Allah SWT give them Sabr.
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    Well done Talat for this program. It was very hard for me to hold my tears back. We can't understand the grief and pain of those brave people who lost their beloved ones. May Allah give them patience in these difficult times.
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    ***** hoo en polictican and ess army Gernals par. oor sab intazamiya par, jo logon ka tahfaz nahi kar sakty.

    i love u wazaries. i am from PUnjab. i love you all pakistanis everywere. its sad. sad sad. may Allah destroy those who kill innocept pple amin
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