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    Front Line - 9th July 2010 - Amina Ulfat PML-Q, Sana Ullah Masti Khel PML-N and Nasir Naqvi


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    I don't know why these Stupid Politicians consider us Stupid. What any irony?
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    shagi Guest
    Well done Shahid Kamran
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    Shahid kamran well done,thanks.Zardari,PM and PPP's all ministers are being brutalized by the pak hostile media including myself for the last two and a half years but they took all the shots with a big heart,that shows tolerance and democracy.The media and i used the worst language possible in the world against PPP but they never took this kind of stupid action, what punjab govt did, passed a resolution condemning the media. This is a black day for PML-N in punjab and all over the country.It showed that PML-N dont have the stomach to take criticism.There is a saying if you cant take the heat ,get out of the kitchen. I hope PML-N got my point. I was a very staunch ally of PML-N but not a, yes man, so i will write what ever is in the national interest. If i was saying PML-N is a friendly opposition which is right-NS gave one statement yesterday and left for London, for what? Punjab govt could not take the fake degree allegations with grace but instead abused the media people,it will back fire i am telling the punjab CM, PML-N in their last govt attacked the jang group and Supreme Court. Most of the fake degree holders are from PML-N and PPP-these illiterates in punjab and centre will make the laws and take care of the constitution who cannot even write an application for a job," Laanat on them million times".
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    Mr. Masti Khel, baaz aa jao masti se, ziyada masti na karo, media masti mien aa giya to saari masti naak k rastay nikal jaye gi aur agar awam masti mein aa gayee to phir dama dam mast qalandar hi ho ga, lolllzz
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    Why people of Karachi stick with MQM for last 20 years. Bashaor kom knew these bloody people. It proved. GA Altaf Hussain and MQM.
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    I myself believe that media should not be biased and should identify corruption of all parties. Kamran Shahid is doing good job, also Javed Chauhdry and sometimes Mubashar Luqman as well but they are relatively less biased than many others.
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    i think that media, like any other department, is not above the law! i know there are a lot of tv shows and anchors that spread hatred and indirectly support terrorists and extremists! but there are lot of good tv shows with anchors who are unbiased and show professionalism..there is a difference between criticism that leads to some good vs criticism for the sake of tv rating only..
    i admire achors like Mubashir Luqman, Dr Moeed Perzada, Dr Shahid Masoon, Hasan Nisar, Talat Hussain and Naseem Mirza who show professionalism and criticize for the sake of good int he society.
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    I think it is political game
    encouraging Media to debate and highlight Fake Degrees or in other words
    Teeli La Ditti and lets see how big the flame is and decide future course of action on its basis.
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