Thread: Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 1st July 2010
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    Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Sath - 1st July 2010

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    Dr.Ajaz shafi thanks for your nice analysis of pakistan.Many people agree with your assessment .Pakistan does need more provinces , lahore and karachi need 8 municipalities with 8 mayors each to control people's problems.These municipalities have councillors who knew the problem in their areas,give them the power to levy taxes,control of police,post offices ,schools and traffic and then comes the province.Divide the powers between three sectors of the govt so lots of problems can be solved.As for this govt is concerned,lots of people think this govt is not sincere at all to solve anything in the country but creating more problems for the nation.favourtism and corruption is at its peak,no one is ready to hear the problem of the people so we do need the change in the country ,someone at least get serious about the problems of the country and take the country to the right direction.Just look at the PM and president,they dont look concerned about it. No one in the govt have the clue which way the country is going,its going to hell i can say. why some damn politcal parties are against the mid-term elections? They dont want to see the change in the country or they are part of it and want to destroy it completely.
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