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    Dunya Today 1st July 2010 - Mushahid Hussain Sayyed - Is Siraj-Ud-Din Haqani Agreed On Talks

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    Sounds good but lgta hai abhi bhi 5 saal wait karna parega ke oonth kis karwat baithta hai. So oder so our future depends on the decline of the super power.
    Vision without power does bring a moral elevation but cannot give a lasting culture. (Iqbal)
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    The surge in US military have not produced anything good for Nato or US, desperate to leave afghanistan but Mr.Obama's adm wants to stick for few more years because of afghanistan's hidden resources .US have to leave the area for regional peace otherwise will suffer more and more as long they stay there.I guess US did't learn from history.It's afghan's area and haqqani is a biggest group, US should talk with them and leave.If Russian occupy Texas,will the US tolerate that i dont think so.Texas used to be part of Mexico before but US occupy that by force.US have to abonden that policy of occupying others lands and resources.God have given enough to America then why US keep an eye on other's resources.Osama's biggest compain was that US forces leave Saudi oil fields which america still accupy after the desert storm in 1992.what america is doing in the muslim world is right? we need an answer for that.
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    It is better for this woman to do cat walk in a fashion show.
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    i think the NATO and UN forces should stay there for atleast 10 more years and they should make sure that no al qaeda plans more attacks anywhere in the world.
    i also agree with Dr Moeed that General Kiyani has protested the removal of general McKristal! Dr Mushahid Hussain shrugs off that idea claiming there r no such strong bonds between pakistan and US army whereas in reality its quite the opposite!
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