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You r going wrong brother.. a lot of projects have been built.. aap usay chahe to election stunt keh len but kaam puray Pakistan me sab se zada Punjab me hua h... and us bihar k leader jese loag bht kam hote hn.. jo Nawaz nai h.. aur imran to bilkul bhi nai h... kiun k wo sirf barhaken marta h.. soonami marcha, NATO supply p dharna, civil nafarmani ki tehreek.. in sab me se kya kia imran ne awami taqat k hote huay... 11 october k jalse tak me bhi us ka supporter tha.. but phir iqtadaar ki lalach me har baat bhool gya wo.. aur jhoota ban gya... jis se me ne chor dia k ye banda apni baat p qaaim nai reh sakta... aur bhi lakhon ne chora to aap khud dekh len k us waqt kya maqbooliat thi aur aaj kya haal h us ki maqbooliat ka.. aur nawaz shareef 2011 me bilkul down hogya tha... but Imran ne jhoot bol bol k usay khud hi upar kr dia
Then why should we test Nawaz again if you said not IK. I think IK is more able (I am not comparing him with Nitish Kumar) than anybody else in Pakistan because such things don't need any Rocket science. Any development needs Sincerity and honesty and both these things are there in IK. You can't see these thing then wait for few years to get mature enough to understand.

I also criticise many things of IK but we have no choice other than him. Even when he announced Civil disobedience, in no Time I said "O- man you shouldn't say that". But as I know he is not very much good in politics and announces things without giving a re-think. And the rest of your blames are just baseless and not true otherwise provide the proof.

I think if IK did 20% of his claims, things would be much better. I am not taking IK to operate with 100% efficiency.

BTW when PTI did Jalsa on 11 Oct? I think you are talking about 30th Oct.

Allowing people in the party seem to be a blunder but when he realized his mistake, he gave a rethought to it and tried to fix the things by Elections in the party which had started the cleansing of the party. PTI Elections had some problem but it was the first time in the history so we have to ignore it and hope for the future to not repeat in near future. As we can see there are very little good people live in Pakistan then why would we expect that PTI should have 100% Clean and Poise people. It is not Possible in the whole world even.

Regarding IK's Lie: If you were considering IK as an Angel, then it was your FAULT (due to you young and emotional age). For me he is a human being and he will do mistake but the best thing of IK is that when he realise his mistake, he try to rectify.

I will also ask a question in this way that if any of your parent or your elder tells Lie, do you Leave him forever? I can give many mistakes of IK here but I wouldn't. I belong to Mohmand Agency but PTI and IK don't focus on it but still I support PTI for the larger interest of Pakistan. Mohmand Agency is nothing as compare to Pakistan.

Despite of your reservations do you have any other good option? If yes, please let me know so that I should start support him.