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    Thumbs up International Dengue Conference in Lahore Today!

    Right after the outbreak of Dengue last year in Lahore, CM Shahbaz Sharif led a swift emergency response operation and took meetings on Dengue Control for 68 consecutive days at 6AM daily - One of the main reasons to successfully control Dengue epidemic in just one year, remarked Special Assistant to the CM on Health Mr. Khawaja Salman Rafique at the International Conference on Dengue earlier today. Experts from Srilanka, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore who have been facing dengue epidemic in their respective countries for decades also participated in the conference. I am extremely impressed to see the knowledge Pakistanis possess about this Dengue fever. Dynamic leadership of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has indeed moved all the segments of society. Engaging International experts shows the open-mindedness of Mr. Sharif. Thousands of lives were saved due to the devotion & dedication of your Chief Minister, expressed Dr. Suchitra Nimmannipya from Thailand. Dr. Lakummar Fernando from Srilanka said, Punjab used our expertise last year, now I have come to learn how you have controlled this Dengue epidemic in just one year while we are still suffering from it. Mr. Shahbaz Sharif has indeed impressed us with his good governance skills. CM Shahbaz Sharif, while sharing the success story of combating Dengue epidemic in just 1 year, thanked all the international experts who had helped the Punjab Government in identifying the virus and suggesting preventive measures and treatment, administrative and political teams, doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, people of Punjab who participated in awareness campaigns and kept their homes and surroundings clean and the media who kept on guiding us. May Allah protect all of us!!!

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    Re: International Dengue Conference in Lahore Today!

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