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    Killings in Burma & apologies for my mistake...! Dr Moeed Pirzada

    Last week we did a program, on Burma Killings and in my introduction I said that more than 20,000 Muslims have been killed. Many Indian commentators pointed out on Twitter and also on this page that this is probably not true and Islamist groups have created the figures running wild on internet and facebook. Since then I checked and those critics were right. Many Muslims have been killed; they may be from few dozen to few hundreds at most; hundreds of thousands have migrated and are trying to run away. And it is because of the large numbers who ran away that perhaps figures of "dead" got exaggerated or it may have been an agenda of various Islamist groups in Pakistan to use it to fuel public opinion. Any way our job is to describe facts accurately and the killings is not that high. So I apologize for saying something that was not accurate. I took that opportunity in Talat Hussain's program on Wed to clarify that. If any one can find that program on net then post it's link and we will add it on this page.
    Having said this killings in Burma are horrible because they are being done on the question of identity; people are being killed and uprooted not because of what they have done but because who they are in terms of identity....and that is both ethnic cleansing and genocide...(check dictionary or encyclopaedia)....however there is another sad dimension to it; we don't get a moral right to condemn this atrocity unless we also raise our voice against the violent actions that keep on happening against minority faiths in Pakistan where bigots keep on attacking Christians and take an international position it is important for us to improve our own conduct and come clean on this.....

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    Re: Killings in Burma & apologies for my mistake...! Dr Moeed Pirzada

    برما کے مسلمانوں کے قتل عام پر افسوس کيوں کرے يہ حکومت امريکہ آقا نے منع جو کر رکھا ہے
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