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    Stakeholder ..please comment and vote for poll also

    For any society, it is very important that the system should be run by the people who care for it. People who know good and bad things about their society. This helps them to utilize the resources to an optimum level and they can cure the imperfections of the society and ultimately lead towards a healthy society. A society where everyone enjoys the same level of benefits and everyone gets the same treatment on some specific issues. People who run the system in a society are bound to have some stakes in the specific society so that they can give their best for the overall benefit of the society.

    Similarly countries are also like society, people who are in charge of the office of the government bound to have some stakes in the country otherwise they cannot take care of the public issues. When we talk about Pakistan, the root cause of every mess is that politicians have no stakes at all in Pakistan. Their all assets, family, businesses everything is lying outside of the country. In fact some politicians are ruling us while living in other country for so many years. Is this not disgusting? Simply they are not the stakeholders of this country; how can they care about Pakistan when they have nothing to lose. The only interest they have in Pakistan is to manipulate the system and make money, exactly what they are doing right now.

    So we need to think about the solution of this mess, we should demand them to bring back everything to Pakistan. It is our duty to confront them with full force. This is not acceptable that they are ruling us and their interests and stakes are with other countries. This is enough, Pakistan is not a banana republic neither a colony of any country, we are a free nation and time has come to decide that this country is governed by foreign puppets or by its stakeholders. We will have to bring up best brains of our country to govern us, and we deserve that. We are on crossroads and now we have to decide that we will govern by the people who live and die for us and that is it.

    Please contribute to the poll
    Do you think our ruling political elite have any stakes in Pakistan? vote here

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    Re: Stakeholder ..please comment and vote for poll also

    definitely, to straighten out this mess in our country, the politician has to start thinking in the way as an ordinary person does. Before coming into politics they are ensuring there assets and their children's lives those are in abroad and then playing politics in this country. We should bring them to the same status as all the other Pakistanis are, and then let them come into politics. As Pakistanis we are already lucky that Imran Khan has raised this issue, and we should support him fully.
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