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''Hope'',The Wealth Of Common Man

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hope.jpgIn this time desperation, tyranny and oppression where 70 percent of the Pakistani's strive and struggle with poverty and hunger and are even below the line of poverty ,where Bomb blast's ,suicides ,load shedding, unemployment is now not an act but hase become part of a behavior if your a Pakistani Citizen.

We as a nation are always termed as emotional fools or as pessimist but today the main reason to write this blog is to tell the whole world and to make the readers understand the two terms associated with us
B) Emotional fools

Are actually propaganda and a mere distortion of facts when we are talking in this particular perspective?

Now coming to the main fact and reason how??

How can i a common person give such a sweeping statement, when the "So called great and famous ANALYST" are terming us nation as a whole as people who don't have any hope ,and we don't think by our minds but live by the passion of the day.

Firstly to the so called intellects it is widely quoted and said
"The problem with the intellects is that they don't get and understand the passion of the day and are always Planning for future"

We as a nation know our goals and set our goals by our minds and then the passion set's in to achieve them but as a nation we don't know our direction because We need a person or in common term's "LEADER" who hasn't set our direction in a proper manner but the problem with intellects is they our seeing and predicting our future when they are missing the passion of the day where this great nation bars all and still has that GLIMMER OF HOPE.

We the citizen's of this great MOTHER LAND have bared all and had it all but still we are termed as pessimist where every day we fight on the wealth of " HOPE, that one day this great nation would survive, that one day this great nation and my own lifestyle would prosper, where the life of common man and level of it would get enhanced.

This nation is a great nation and this great nation is now seeing in to the eye's of a man is not a traditional politician, who thrives on the wealth of hope like the common man, who is the man of action, who is not corrupt like others, who has delivered this nation again and again, this nation has had enough and is looking in to this man's eyes who is without the shadow of doubt uprising day and day out with the nation's problem's ,He is none other then "IMRAN KHAN".

Now the Hope of this talented nation who strives daily and sees dreams and this man is now their current WEALTH TO PROVIDE DIRECTION AND IS THEIR WEALTH OF HOPE..

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    ur comments are welcomed:D
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    very hopeful post..also see following blog with amazing predictions about Pakistan future
  5. shoppealotte's Avatar
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  6. jagpakistan's Avatar
    Where are intellectuals people who claims to be truth speaker against unjustic?
    1 - Is lake of good people in Pakistan, who can carry the country's prograssive and to proceede accountability of corrupt people?
    2 - Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, S. M. Zafar, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Dr Tahir ul Qadri, Oriya Maqbool Jan, Imran Khan, they do not live in this country?
    3 - Is Pakistan just for corrupt, unjust, ignorant, to rule on nation?
    If not, then why our intellectuals and journalists are not spreading awareness in public about alternative system which is perfact to get ride from these unjustic corrupts? why Our intellectuals always prepare nation to elect one unjustic from list of unjusts via election? Let's prepare nation mind to reject this pro-corrupt, pro-unjustic monopolistic electorial system. Come out from homes and protest against this monopoistic electorial system to provide the reason to chief justice to make selective transitional govt of honest, educated, Pakistan lovers for 4 years and via these people start process of accountability.
    1st of all public revolution ....... 2ndly Accountibility ...... then after it election
    Join us:

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