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Social Networking: A fools Paradise

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I deleted my Facebook account some days ago. When I did, it was like a dark cloud was lifted from above my head, and glorious rays of sunlight came beaming through. It felt like a tumor has been removed from my brain, Life seemed to make sense again, food tasted good, and I actually enjoyed talking to friends. Do yourself a favor and liberate yourself from the prison of social network.

The word "friend" has lost its worth

Online Social networking has changed the meaning of the word 'friend' and friendship. My definition of "friend" is someone you can count on in a crisis. In my experience at Facebook i have noticed most people want to feel more important than what they actually are in reality. They constantly need to feel important & to have other people tell them so. They need to know others care about them because they don't get enough attention in their daily lives, so they show their daily lives to the world.

Once I sent a friend request to two friends I had back in school and though they accepted, they never replied to my hellos. After 6 months of seeing them update their statuses, I took them off my list- not because I expected them to talk to me every day, but because they never even replied to a simple hello. I didn't ever send them anything after that, I just quietly removed them.

Majority of your social network "friends" are not your REAL friends I find it pointless now anyone you met in a party once is now a 'friend'. You say hi to someone you haven't seen in a long time and never talk to them again, I'd like to see how many people actually talk personally to all of the facebook/twitter/Google+ 'friends. Those who havent added their family members to their network if their family founds out they are on Facebook and want to join in, at that point some people cancel their account and go back to actually talking to the same people they talked to before facebook.

One tip for fb users: If you have sent a "friend" request and it was not accepted then it means you were not friends.

Desperate attention seekers

People can use social media sites like facebook, twitter, Google+, MySpace to post about important issues such as medical breakthroughs, new technology, social issues, political affairs concerned to the public. But no!!! People talk about themselves and how great they are while thinking that anybody really cares, for God sake I'm not interested in your personal life or what your dog did last week.

Facebook, twitter, Google+ are systems made up for mostly about stroking one's ego by setting up a system where you and fake "friends" can trade fake compliments, some desperate attention seekers need their egos stroke & people around them comply by telling them how much they "like" their trivial notes, statuses & bland photos. It is all about how many "likes" you can get. How many "friends" you can have, how many comments you can have on a post. If u stop liking and commenting on others post then u will get notifications of apps and games invitations only because your so-called friends will stop commenting and liking yours too in return.

Your personal information is the new currency of the 21st century

Social networking sites are more like private data processing spy agencies. You voluntarily give up personal info and they sell your information to third parties for their own benefit. It is pathetic more people do not realize they are allowing massive corporate multinationals to exchange their online behavior into hard cold cash.

The privacy policy of social network service providers is more than a joke; the purpose of their privacy policy is to maximize the opportunities to profit from people's private information while minimizing the outrage that people justifiably feel they are profiting from their private information. The fundamental purpose of the their policy is to maintain a false public image which is completely incompatible with transparency and more over there are some rumors that big Law Enforcement agencies also collect personal data of users.

Social Networking services arent free they steal your information and time which is more valuable than money. This generation is becoming more self-centered, self-concerned and self-entitled. Get a real life friends and enjoy every aspect of it.

Thank you Zukerberg, Larry and Sergey and all others; you sold us out, broke down and caved in to materialism.

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  1. MileStone's Avatar
    FB is waste of time.
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  2. s-l-i-c-k's Avatar
    i realised as well and totally agreed with.....
    spacially on the top of fb wall...WHATs ON UR MIND? its like we want to know every thought u think.

    its hard to stay away from fb or any other socialmaedia but not impossible.
    gud sharing.thanx
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  3. Anonymous_1's Avatar
    I double checked the author name of this article to confirm who is he.
    I thought I have written all this lol
    Really good and agreed to it totally
    good job
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  4. 707monty's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Anonymous_1
    I double checked the author name of this article to confirm who is he.
    I thought I have written all this lol
    Really good and agreed to it totally
    good job
    I m the author of this article how could u try to take credit of it ??
    original post is here at my blog
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