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Star Gazer

You can't touch this.

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I am getting a truffle bit frustrated by the ridiculous rhetoric from the so called political pundits who have had it easy so far.

I say to all the pundits who have so far not been able to make even one correct guess/assessment about the masses of Pakistan falling behind PTI,because they never left their sofa seat! Please get real and start to talk with wisdom and fairness.

The pundits of Pakistan have never had to deal with a phenomenon and have been commenting and analyzing the well known tactics or trickery,deceit and chakarbazi employed by the politicians in the name of Politics. Every one in this mortal world is familiar with these adjectives and also uses them to some extent, sadly! The important aspect and the difficult thing to do is to call a spade a spade and try to change this nefarious game of nepotism,jugglery and jingoism.

When the pundits have to play outside of the zone they are comfortable in, that is true test of their abilities of analysis,foresight, wisdom and abilities to recognize true talent and compassion.

Most of the so called pundits have failed because they were never trained to do that, by the system or their own desires.
The problem is that they are trying to fit the shoe on the wrong foot but because they do not have the knowledge to make a new shoe so they are finding faults with the foot. We can say trying to fit the cap on the wrong head if any one is offended by the analogue of shoe.

Some of the contradictions, hillariously naive in my opinion are: Please enjoy;

IK and PTI are popular not because of their agenda but because people are fed up with PPP and PML(N,Q,F and whatever)
On the other hand if PPP or PML(etc) get popularity it is because of 'oh they are popular!'
Besides is this a point to be discussed and if so what is the purpose behind it? Trying to take the credit away from PTI or IK, BUT "You can't touch this!"

PTI and IK do not have big names, how will they win in the absence of big names?
Now that big names and games are flocking to PTI, the objection is "Now PTI is becoming like any other party and the youth of Pakistan is disappointed, although I concede that the ones are not corrupt" Again what is the purpose,or significance of this statement and how does it matter?
Repeating myself, trying to take the credit away from PTI,IK and the youth of Pakistan BUT "You can't touch this!"

Pakistan is drowning in the ocean of corruption and yet the pundits say "Declaration of assets is a political gimmick."
Gentlemen of the jury -for- status- quo, where there is a will there is a way! You do not have any plan to change an iota of the system because you like the system, because you know the system and this knowledge helps you to maintain a lively hood of being the pundit. Yet they have the gumption to call a sincere effort which has evidence on it's side as a gimmick! Appalling !

People changing parties are called turn coats, and yet they omit to differentiate those who are changing party not because they are corrupt and need the power to appear clean and escape justice, BUT because they are clean so far as every one knows and are wanting to be a part of the wave of change for the better. Again it is an effort to belittle the efforts BUT "You can't touch this!"

Pundits were harping "PTI and IK are too rigid, how will they be successful in this way, they should be more flexible."
Now that PTI is flexible the pundits are having nightmares of "PTI is a changed party, it is not the party youth will follow, not the same!"
Pundits conveniently forget to mention what is the change? The party is changing as everything does as it evolves but the important thing is to see if the change is for good or bad? Once again I have to say this is a cheap shot! BUT "You can't touch this!"


  1. Salik's Avatar
    The success of the party will be in having a balance...between seasoned politicians and young blood...

    IK s argument has weight... that he cant find angels in this country... he has to chose from what is there...

    The candidate selection should be strictly on merit though....

    And we should remember... You cant make everyone happy at the same time...
  2. Star Gazer's Avatar
    I agree with what you have said.
    It is also important to keep in mind that flood of old faces joining is good but caution is advised.
    I also think it is very good the way the media is trying to corner IK because the competition and critiszm will only make him think harder and I hope he will come out better and more powerful. The game being played by the media pundits is going to have the opposite but a very pleasant effect, from the desires of the pundits.
  3. Salik's Avatar
    Originally Posted by Star Gazer
    I also think it is very good the way the media is trying to corner IK because the competition and critiszm will only make him think harder and I hope he will come out better and more powerful. The game being played by the media pundits is going to have the opposite but a very pleasant effect, from the desires of the pundits.
    The above point is the most important..... What has made the apparently docile media (though they covered it completely which may be because of public demand) quite critical of PTI??

    Most of the major anchors, when PTI was not being taken seriously loved to talk about the game plan for change, the methodology, they tactics and what not!!! But the snapshot from watching stuff on and off was that a lot of criticism was there on the TV... (though I am a bit buzzy now and cant keep track of everything)...

    I personally think that this criticism will help in the improvement of things and agree with you on this.... but I believe PTI should be very careful as there is a lot of disinformation being spread in the print and electronic media...

    Imagine the impact of the news of Dasti or Jatoi joining PTI and being accepted...
    or the impact of the news of APML getting united with PTI....

    There are some points which are valid as well... for example Qusoori and the policy on Afia Siddiqui dont go hand in hand... there should be some official explanation on that issue...
  4. Zaidi Qasim's Avatar
    Khorshid Mehmood Qasoori was the Foreign Minister of Musharraf's regime. He was the architect of Guiding the Foreign policies of Musharraf which inluded persmission for Drone Attacks, Landing rights, Supply lines Logistic to the United State of America. It is hypocratical to critise the policy but not the policymaker.
    Updated 27-Dec-2011 at 09:08 AM by Zaidi Qasim
  5. Rana Tahir Mahmood's Avatar
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    Ke hay sultani bhe Ayiari to darvaishy bhe Aiyari
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  7. jagpakistan's Avatar
    Where are intellectuals people who claims to be truth speaker against unjustic?
    1 - Is lake of good people in Pakistan, who can carry the country's prograssive and to proceede accountability of corrupt people?
    2 - Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, S. M. Zafar, Abdul Sattar Edhi, Iftikhar Chaudhry, Dr Tahir ul Qadri, Oriya Maqbool Jan, Imran Khan, they do not live in this country?
    3 - Is Pakistan just for corrupt, unjust, ignorant, to rule on nation?
    If not, then why our intellectuals and journalists are not spreading awareness in public about alternative system which is perfact to get ride from these unjustic corrupts? why Our intellectuals always prepare nation to elect one unjustic from list of unjusts via election? Let's prepare nation mind to reject this pro-corrupt, pro-unjustic monopolistic electorial system. Come out from homes and protest against this monopoistic electorial system to provide the reason to chief justice to make selective transitional govt of honest, educated, Pakistan lovers for 4 years and via these people start process of accountability.
    1st of all public revolution ....... 2ndly Accountibility ...... then after it election
    Join us:

  8. Star Gazer's Avatar
    jagpakistan, You have expressed frustration at the current system and rightly so. But remember that it is always a a few hundred who control the government and policies, thus they control the nation and public. They are usually amafia style group of people who look after each others interests and do not care about the rst of the hundreds of millions and that is the stark truth.

    Instead of blaming these so called intellectual this is a perfect example of why we should not wait for some one to do somethin but all of us need to do our part and become the intellectual that we want to see in others.
    these psuedointellectuals and religious scholars have authority because we give them the status.Stop backing them and they will have no power. Believe that!