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  1. Social Networking: A fools Paradise

    I deleted my Facebook account some days ago. When I did, it was like a dark cloud was lifted from above my head, and glorious rays of sunlight came beaming through. It felt like a tumor has been removed from my brain, Life seemed to make sense again, food tasted good, and I actually enjoyed talking to friends. Do yourself a favor and liberate yourself from the prison of social ...
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  2. Was Shaheen hatf-IV Inter-continental Ballicstic Missile (ICBM) ?

    Pakistan successfully fired Hatf 4- Shaheen-1A missile capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The missile was marked into the Indian ocean and was targeted successfully at its location, said Inter services public relations.

    Haft 4 is an improvised form of Shaheen 1 missile series in Pakistan and capable of nuclear system. How ever ISPR didn't mentioned the range of ...

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