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National Issues

  1. Our national Shoulds on 14th August

    We are celebrating 14th August as our independence day once more. I as a Pakistani, propose fourteen SHOULDS on this occasion. These SHOULDS, I promise can change the destiny of our country but this requires paradigmatic changes in our national priorities. Here goes the list:

    1. Education should be at the top of our priority list with at least 20 percent of our annual budget spent on providing quality education to the people of Pakistan.

    2. As a sage once said, 'If you

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  2. Education is the way out

    Pakistan has been in turmoil for a considerable time. Ignorance, hatred and intolerance and the consequent desperation seem to be on the rise in all spheres our national life. The suffering of the innocent people at the hands of the militants, extremists and terrorists on the one hand is ripping apart the lives of our hapless people and on the other we are facing increasing international isolation, suspicion and humiliation. We are stuck between the proverbial devil and the deep blue sea. What ...

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  3. Ignorance, barbarism and false honour

    According to a recent news from Faisal Abad Honour killings: Man guns down six daughters The Express Tribune a man gunned down his six daughters on suspicion that two of them were in relationship with boys in the neighbourhood. The man killed the two teenage girls (14 and 16 years old) because they developed relationship with boys. This act of the young girls he thought dishonoured him. He also took the lives of the rest of the four of his daughters alongside them because he thought they did ...

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  4. Love and (dis)honour

    A friend writes in an email : "At stone's throw from my house a very young man has been shot dead ~~his fault, loving a girl, perhaps related to him, in another village. I am sure the girl will also be disposed off sooner than later. The weaker vessel is generally so treated here. ....If this is how we treat love, the fountainhead of all that is good in human nature then Nature has a good case for emptying its reserve of calamities.... [on us as a society]." And hence he argues we are ...

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  5. Education beyond the East and West Myopia

    Some time ago one read an article titled Westward bound published in a Pakistani newspaper. The author laments the news of top American universities opening campuses and the establishment of an Educational city in Islamabad, which is fetching new hopes for the elite class here. Their children would obviously be able to bag the top jobs while also saving the parents millions of rupees being spent in sending them abroad for further studies". This, ...

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