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  1. ''Hope'',The Wealth Of Common Man

    hope.jpgIn this time desperation, tyranny and oppression where 70 percent of the Pakistani's strive and struggle with poverty and hunger and are even below the line of poverty ,where Bomb blast's ,suicides ,load shedding, unemployment is now not an act but hase become part of a behavior if your a Pakistani Citizen.

    We as a nation are always termed as emotional fools or as pessimist but today the main reason to write this blog is to tell the whole world and to make ...

    Updated 04-Feb-2011 at 12:44 AM by Waseem

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  2. Is Success All About Achieving Your Goals?

    goals..jpgSince the time I have been born and to the time I went in to the kinder garden school, I had been told by my teachers that if you wont learn that A alphabet meant Apple and B Alphabet meant Ball, you wont get in to the first grade ,I quietly accepted the fact and quietly memorized that without learning the fact that why we do memorize these alphabets and why only A had the copy rights for meaning an Apple why not B ,at that time my nave mind wasnt mature so accepted ...

    Updated 03-Nov-2010 at 08:26 AM by Adeel

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