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    Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
    ‎"If that is not done, it is up to the public to dump all the old parties that have proved themselves to be unworthy and form new ones, join hands with each other and save the country. A good place to start is with IMRAN KHAN. Young, honest people should come forward and work together for the good of the country." -

    Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan
    Monday 30 May 2011
    The News "A Dream Gone Sour

    Source: Facebook

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Honest people always admire honest personalities.............

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Dr AQKhan saheb yeh mulk honest parties kay liay nahi hay

    if Ik win next election to yeh mojzay say kum no hoga
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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Dua Karo ke moajza ho jaye aur IK aa jaye.

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    I always read or listen Dr. Abdul Qadeer whenever I get chance he is one solid personality he speaks loudly but truthfully he is our assett the comments he wrote was his true feelings of him I was expecting something like that from him when I read the thread caption

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Sir we also want to see you as President of Pakistan!!!

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    He should join PTI
    It will be a big boost for IK
    to win the next election. What do you say Dr. sahib?
    Join hands with each other to save the country?

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    I believe that Dr. soon will be the part of PTI and will make the way more easy for this nation.

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    Most of the people do not know that Dr. A.Q. khan is 77 years old at this time and also has some illness, so he cannot participate in active politics but surely he can give his opinion through his coloumns which he quite often publishes in Jang and The News.


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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    jang and the news...many people were heart broken when dr qadeer started writing in jang for higher money it offered,though in musharaf era jang defamed abdulqadeer a lot by giving reports that implicated that abdulqadeer was actually involved in nuclear smuggling and making money..poor nawaiwaqt supported him so much but when afterwards abdulqadeer joined jang paper which offered him lakh rs or so for each column than majeed nizami was heart broken and he even published a letter in media that abdulqadeer who we supported in hard time has joined his own enemy media group for money.

    this harsh truth wont be liked by most people but i just wrote it here for the reason taht we need to follow Allah and his prophet sallalahu alihe one else is beyond faults that we follow them blindly...but people here love there leaders more than allah and rasool

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    Re: Dr.Abdul Qadeer Khan about Imran Khan

    AQ khan ko atleast IK ka saath dena chahye aur humko unko pressurise karna chahye k agar wo political activities mai nahi part laysaktay tu atleast kabhi kabhar IK k sath kisee jalsay mai aain ya phir Media aur coloums k zarye hi sahi apni baat public tak laain.. inka ye itna chota sa comment jab itna asar karsakta hay tu inko chahye k properly aur khul k support karain Imran khan ko coz istime hamaray pas IQ k ilaawa koi better choice nahi hay as a leader. wat u guyz say ?

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