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    Off The Record - 31st August 2010 - Special On Match Fixing (Innocent Until Proven Guilty)

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    ye ghonsla kia karlega standing comitee ka chairman ho ke,kashif bhai hahahah,bacha lagta he apna ap,*****

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    Why Kashif didnot took more info from Basit?. Also why kashif took so much time interviewing the relatives of kamran akmal, was it necessary?. I think day by day kashif is becoming unprepared & disoriented. Also all the time his program ends suddenly without a conclusion, he cannot manage specific time of program & how to control it.
    Basit Ali , Rashid latif & all those who might have some knowledge with proofs of Indian bookies involvement & other players involvement, they should be investigated also.
    Sorry for these remarks.

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    kashif plz,aap off the recod per Javed minadad,Rashid Latif our Basit Ali ke sath ek programe rakh lo,pher dekho our sono sach keh kiakoch hota rahahey our howahay.

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    Kashif, youbare just crap. Everyone knows that Kamran is involve in match fixing and howit is possible that if anyone dropped 4 catches and he is still in team. Also Kashif is just a "Kawa" and he speaks without having any logic.

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    Kashif should close this program....he really disappointed me....American Senetao once said that Pakistanis can sell their other for money and Pakistan is our motherland....Not sure if stupid Kashif can understand this...we only want that everyone praise us and we are very innocent...B*llSh*t

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    There is no doubt that PCB and its management have to be disolved .I read some reports that scotland yard police recovered some money from player's room and mazhar majeed also spoke to Amir on the phone .Amir was sleeping and someone wake him up to speak with mazhar,God knows how far it is true.

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    There are all type of speculations floating around.
    Let us wait and hear what they have to say, they are going to make their report public isn't.

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    Kashif have u lost ur mind I was not expecting that from u? or may be u are trying to divert our attention.

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    omg this stupid anchor got the worst beating from amir sohail and veena who made him speechless and look like an a**hole! i wonder why he is back today with more bs...he should have learned a lesson and prepared better !!

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    hamari bakhshish kay liyaee cricket problem ka solution zaroori hay kia?

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    When our nation will learn and held people accountable for what they have done wrong. Now they are implying India is involved lol. I am glad Israel does not have a cricket team or these anchors like kashif Abbassi and 100 yr old reporter will blame everything on MOSSAD. Other day I heard Kashif Abbassi was talking about ball tampering and how england accused pakistani team in 92. For sake please anybody who has played any cricket on a good level that ball tampering is part of our game. ICC has fined Waqar younis, Azhar mahmood, recently Afridi tried to ball tamper. We should be glad that back in 92 and in 2 W's era video technology was not that advanced and ICC was not watching every delivery. Anyway bottom line is that these anchor should just let Scotland Yard do its job, we should just be glad Scotland Yard handling this not our police or indian police.

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    well said by abbas ather we do not have any credibility as pakistani.

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