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    50 Minutes - 9th July 2010 - Gareeb Admi sirf Khudkushi K liy hi reh gya hai????

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    i always wish that people of pakistan get unit and awake some day and instead of killing themselves they should start revolution. i will be the part of it

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    this is so heartbreaking

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    Made me crying
    I dont know why our people are still expecting from these sensless leaders or government. They are probably knocking wrong door and expecting dust.
    One thing here i want to add, this is our responsibility as well, we can easily pointout akbar like persons in our surroundings and we can help them out. We can help them out in a way, firstly raise that issue in group of friends collect some money like 100 or 200 even some person can contribute more than 500 or 1000, this amount will be enough for their immediate allevation. Then try to find out any job to get them rid of this poverty or what would be his or her basic issue, like daughters weddings (jahaiz) or Kids education and stuff like this.
    It may looks like childish but this is what my own experience, and it'll works. Take a step in way of Allah then Allah would definately helps you, i bet and i realised that. Dont forget this is our own responsibility, Allah would forgive His own rights but not of Mankind.

    Be the first drop of rain ................

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