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    How overseas Pakistanis can cast vote?

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    This is very simple. Just look at the following links and you will see how easy it is and How difficult PEC has made it. This system can be implemented in one day without any trouble.

    How overseas Australian cast their vote?

    How overseas Malaysian will cast their votes this Election?

    I'm a Canadian elector living abroad. How do I vote?
    This is list of only three countries. Try Google other countries and you will find many such examples.

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    Re: How overseas Pakistanis can cast vote?

    Why dont they have early elections for overseas Pakistanis for example 2 weeks or 1 week before General elections in Pakistan...
    They did early elections in the US like 1 month before the general elections.

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    Re: How overseas Pakistanis can cast vote?

    That's what a matter of concern. ECP should give more options if it thinks that E-Voting is not secure. But they are rather against the notion of overseas voting and say that E-Voting is not secure and so we cannot give them right of vote. They don't have the will to introduce another option other than the E-Voting to the overseas. Which is creating the doubt that they probably don't want the overseas voting.

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