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Thread: Create House in 3d : Google Sketch Up Full Training In Urdu Language

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    Thumbs up Create House in 3d : Google Sketch Up Full Training In Urdu Language

    As you know Google Sketchup 8 is a product of Google and very popular in 3D Modeling. My this article is about how you can easily learn and create a beautiful house and 3D models in just a minutes.

    Actally, Here we have a very good and learning video tutorials on this sofrware in Urdu language. As you know Urdu is spoken in Pakistan and India. So these video tutorials are very helpfull for those who are studying Civil engeneering and other Diplomas in this field.

    1) First tutorial about whole indepth tools

    This is first tutorial about Google Sketchup tutorial on how you can easily use this powerfull tool. Watch entire tutorial and you will be learn how to use these elements.
    Watch Here
    2) Create Floor,Walls and Roofs
    Google Sketchup is very easily to use and create Floor, Walls and Roofs.
    Watch Here
    3) Create Windows,Stairs and Pillars
    You can easily create windows, stairs and pillars in you home by simply drag and drop the elements. We know its very difficult to use any other software campairing to any one.
    Watch Here
    4) Paint and Apply Texture
    When you create any object you have to apply great paint and realistic look to it. Google Sketchup is really very easy to use texture and paints.Watch Here
    5) Adding Window,Door & Ventilator
    As, I told you above you can easily add Windows and Door very eaisly. Actually Google Sketchup Market have a very huge amount of products like Doors,Cars,Ventilators and many other objects.Watch Here
    6) Create Animation Part 1
    Most of us want to present our product in movie style and Google Sketchup have a built in tool which allows you to make animation and export it to the avi and other format.
    Watch Here
    7) Create Animation Part 2
    If you want to learn whole animation then you have to watch these two tutorials.Watch Here
    8) Google Sketch Up Animation Important Tip
    This is very important Animation tip you have to watch this if you want to create an awesome project.Watch Here
    All the above tutorials are very easy to follow and easy to understand, If you are starting from a zero status then you have to watch all tutorials about create awesome houses and other buildings.
    Most of Pakistani and Indian students want to learn these type of software and they have no idea to use it from starts.

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    Re: Create House in 3d : Google Sketch Up Full Training In Urdu Language

    No access to Youtube bro
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    Re: Create House in 3d : Google Sketch Up Full Training In Urdu Language

    Good Work Brother.............
    keep it up...
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