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    Awam Ki Adalat - 8th July 2012 - Mian Mujtaba Shuja U Rehman & Sardar Hussain Babak - Education System in Punjab & KPK

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    Re: Awam Ki Adalat - 8th July 2012 - Mian Mujtaba Shuja U Rehman & Sardar Hussain Babak - Education System in Punjab & KPK

    Watching program seems interesting!

    Claimant: Bad education, 2000 schools or 4 crore Laptop?

    Defendant: PML-N representative lost in words!

    Claimant: Bashing Mullahs for they are reason for girls poor education!

    Defendant: No solid arguments....

    Claimant: 100,000 rs Danish monthly expenses per student vs 2000 schools!

    Defendant: Lost in arguments....

    Claimant: 3 Arab for Danish school vs 1 Arab Rupee for basic necessities of 2000 Primary Schools?

    Defendant: Oo Laa La!

    Claimant: KPK Schools worst condition!

    Defendant: Bfsd sdf f gdsg sdg dsg ga

    Claimant: High drop out rate!?

    Defendant: Poverty, Awareness...........

    Danish Schools KPK lolz

    Claimant: Need more Schools, Ready?

    Defendant: YEH! Should reduce population in KPK , New schools Opened, teachers promoted

    Punjab closing schools KPK opening Schools

    Q 1 to Punjab : One school system strong federation!?
    Defendant: Agree

    Q 2 to Punjab & KPK: Where your students study?
    Defendant Punjab: Private School
    Defendant KPK: Baby 8 months :p Metric from wall-less Govt School, Fsc from Peshawar Science Superior College, BSc from Islamia College, Journalism & Mass Communication from Peshawar university
    Defendant Punjab: Matric DPC Lahore, FSC from GCL, BA from GCL, MPA from PU

    Q 3 to Punjab & KPK: Torture on Kids?
    Defendant Punjab: Reasonable steps have been taken
    Defendant KPK: Strict Actions

    Q 4 to Punjab: Betterment in Curriculum and related Teachers...
    Defendant: 70000 teachers been recruited, 32000 Science teachers new recruits +++

    Q 5 to Punjab: Small Schools check n Balance!?
    Defendant: Work in progress going on!

    Q 6 to KPK n Punjab: Literacy rate?
    Defendants: yayayayaya Massive massive

    Q 7 to KPK: Not only education but reliable education?
    Defendants KPK: People changing trying

    Nice Program
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    Re: Awam Ki Adalat - 8th July 2012 - Mian Mujtaba Shuja U Rehman & Sardar Hussain Babak - Education System in Punjab & KPK

    مجھے پنجاب کو تو پتا نہیں لیکن ہمارے صوبے کا منسٹر پیسا لیے بغیر کوئی کام نہیں کرتا۔ تمام ای ڈی اوز پیسے لیکر ٹرانفر کرواتا ہے ، سیکنڈری بورڈ اور ٹیکسٹ بک بورڈ کی تمام بھرتیاں پیسوں سے ہوتی ہیں، اور کمال یہ ہے کہ ٹیکسٹ بک بورڈ میں ایس ایس اردو کی پوسٹ پر ایس ایس میتھس کو مقرر کیا گیا ہے ، یہ سب پیسوں کا زور ہے۔
    یہ بھی جمہوریت کا کمال ہے کہ جو شخص ایک بس کنڈکٹر تھا وہ آج صوبے کا وزیر تعلیم ہے۔

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