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  1. فسادی "مجاہدین"

    تحریر: افتخار الحسن رضویؔ

    گذشتہ دنوں ہندوستان میں ایک مبینہ پاکستانی دہشت گرد جس کو فرضی یا "نفلی" طور ...
    Pakistan , Politics , Islam
  2. Comparison of Maalik Sahib's Interviews with IK and Nawaz Sharif.

    'Dunya with Maalik' aired Interview with Nawaz Sharif 26/11/2012 and it was a stark comparison the way Maalik

    treated IK and how he allowed Nawaz Sharif sweet time to answer slowly with ambiguous details answers which

    were mostly evasive. I did not get any clear idea from what Nawaz sharif said but apparently Maalik sahib was

    satisfied since he did not interrupt Mian Saahib even once unlike he did with IK when he interrupted him

  3. Students and Politics second part

    Studentís movements have had functional effects and place among the agents of social change in the history of modern world including Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. It is obviously known that students have provided inspired leadership to national liberation movements, rising ideologies and cultural groups. Students are one of the easier groups to be organized for any purpose because they are smaller in terms of
    Pakistan , Politics , Education
  4. The Real Story behind the growing Remittances for Pakistan

    The Story of growing Remittances

    By Asif Punjwani September 28th, 2012

    If there is an economic news that officials do not mind repeating in every press release, that news is the growing remittance Pakistan has been enjoying lately, about $1.2 billion a month. I somehow get this feeling that Ministry of Finance is claiming credit for it ...

    Updated 13-Nov-2012 at 02:02 AM by seeku

    Pakistan , Economy
  5. An Asset-backed, Asset-based Taxation policy

    Couple of months ago I was lashed out for questioning PTI's fiscal deficit. I was constantly asked if I have a solution to address it or to remain quiet. I am throwing this policy out there. Although I would love to see PTI pick it up, but any party can pick it up if they have the marbles.

    An Asset-backed, Asset-based Taxation policy

    By Asif Punjwani September 1, 2012

    No party can have ...
  6. محمد، علی جناح، اور اسد

  7. Analysis on Recent Talat Hussain Show with Imran Khan

    link to the show:

    طلعت حسین کا پروگرام دیکھا جو اس نےعمران خان کے ساتھ کیا اور اس سے یو ایس
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