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01-Oct-2011, 02:37 AM
Comments on Contemporary Scholars by Dr Khalid Zaheer


01-Oct-2011, 03:15 AM
He is absolutly right we are our own enemy bigger than jews and christians. Because we chose not to ask Allah Subhana Wa Talah for help and instead of improving our selves and improving our relationship with Allah Subhana Wa Talah we put blames on others. We need to seek guidence and help from Allah and rely only and only on him, improve our relationship with our beloved creator and only then we can rise again as a united Muslim Ummah.

modern fakir
01-Oct-2011, 04:48 AM
What a Joke ! [hilar] [hilar] ...I would request the Public to please visit the sponsor of this website ...


This so called " Contemporary Scholar " belongs to the much controversial GHAMDI group ..who is a self professed scholar whose authenticity is VERY HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE and the lesser the said about him the better.

Secondly, the person in this video mentions Muslims must morally and SPIRITUALLY enlighten themselves and fix themselves .

Can he also name an equivalent personality who has revived Allama Iqbal as much as Zaid Hamid :)

Zaid Hamid's main Focus is the spiritual enlightenment of the muslim ummah through the words of Allama Iqbal and Aulia Allah swt who played a critical role in the formation of Pakistan :)

Whatever Zaid Hamid says about America and the rest are not only his words but also the words of the Pakistani nation ...I wonder why the pakistani government and establishment felt necessary to hold an All party Conference (bigsmile) (APC) yesterday in Pakistan...if american and their partners was not the main aim ...does this so called "contemporary scholar" have any brains in him ..or does he even watch basic news....Helloo...?? [hilar] [hilar]

He sounds more like a high school graduate with his over simplified statements and totally childless analysis of the muslim world (bigsmile)... for example :

He says the muslims must first improve themselves ...Does he care to tell the world how ??? ...When because of corruption in our systems which is fueled by puppet leaders and the muslim society is a hell to live in because of these remote controlled puppets, then how can a muslim spiritually and morally improve himself ??

Wwhen bombs are being dropped on them and muslims have to put food on the table for his family how can they spiritually and morally improve themselves in this society governed by corrupt rulers without removing them ?? - This classically and contemporaryily idiotic scholar is revising old and beat up lines which NO ONE in the muslim world wants to hear. WE WANT SOLUTIONS !

Hence this proves that this lunatic seems completely out of line with reality and is more befitting to the job of a circus clown where atleast people can laugh at his comical analysis at best ! [hilar] [hilar]

One more thing ...this shows tonnes about the person who posted this rubbish as well..as misguiding the muslim ummah is in itself a Great Sin !

01-Oct-2011, 04:58 AM
After a long time i have come accross to some scholar who speaks reality and makes sense

1. since such karwa hota hai or such jaldi pasand nahi atta logon koo es waja say bhoot sary loog en scholars per ilzam bhee lagain gy, koi pata nahi koi enkoo kafir, yadhu, raw , qadyani, shia, wahabi yaa khuch or declare kar dy i will not be surprised kion k jiski baat pasand naaa ai or jiska such karwa lagy hum usky sath yahi karty hain.

2. some people are saying he belongs to GAmdi group only Allah knows which group he belongs or whatever

magar 2 bateen tu kaoi mujhy bata dee

1. jab koi such boly tu kia faraq parta hai k such kon bol raha hai?? such tu such hota hai chahy woo koi gair muslm he kion naa bool raha hoo.

agar koi gair muslim bhee kahy k Allah ki marzi k bagair khuch nahi hoo sakta tu kia itny bary such ko hum srif es lyee mustrad kar deen k woo ek none muslim ny kaha hai yaa kesi esy admi ny kaha hai joo humeen pasand nahi????

beshak sab khuch Allah paak ki marzi say hota hai. or apni tabahi ki sab say bari waja hum khud hain , corruption, loot marr, dhoka , fraud or ek dosry koo katal karna , naa insafi, yee sab cheezen gair islamic hain or esi waja say hum or humari nations tabah howin agar hum apny appk koo theek karen kesi ki majal nahi koi beroni sazish kary yaa us main kamyab hoo saky

kion k quran main Allah kahta hai beshak tum he galib aoo gy agar tum momin hoo tu. ( and for sure momin, fraud, corruption, loot mar, katal or garat , firkwa wareet , melawat or dosry k haq marny k tu pass bhee nahi jata) or jab hum momin nahi rahy tu pher beshak Allah hum per dosri nations koo muslat karta hai joo pher humeen Allah k azab kaa maza chakhati hain jesy abb chakha rahi hain


01-Oct-2011, 05:29 AM

Zaid Hamid's main Focus is the spiritual enlightenment of the muslim ummah through the words of Allama Iqbal and Aulia Allah swt who played a critical role in the formation of Pakistan :)

01-Oct-2011, 05:43 AM
First of all the heading says " Comments on the contemporary scholars". these were the comments on a single person "Mr zaid hamid" not on contemporary scholars. secondly Mr zaid hamid never said he is a scholar. he claims himself a petriotic pakistani. the third point i want to raise is that Mr zaid hamid never said every thing going wrong is bcoz of jews or americans. Zaid hamid is just forwarding the message of Allama iqbal. what i heard from him is very clear to make iqbal's shaheen who is a very dignified,buland pervaz, door andesh, who dont eat murdar or haram and to make a momin who can play his role to change the world for better. Mr zaid hamid talks about the revival of pakistan's ideology. zaid hamid talks about a political term called zionism. zionism has nothing to do with religion. As a common viewer the impression i got is that Mr Khalid zaheer is only targetting zaid hamid not the contemporary scholars.
Zaid hamid is a petriotic pakistani who is awakening the nation and alarming the nation from upcomming dangers, zaid hamid is an eminent defence analyst. Zaid hamid never said that zionists have better plans than Allah's

this video is released by AL MAWRID, which belongs to " javed ahmad ghamdi" the so called religious scholar. Lets see who is javed ahmad ghamdi. Plz watch this thread to clear your mind.


01-Oct-2011, 07:01 AM
i totaly agree with this

Zaid Hamid's main Focus is the spiritual enlightenment of the muslim ummah through the words of Allama Iqbal and Aulia Allah swt who played a critical role in the formation of Pakistan :)

03-Oct-2011, 08:31 PM
Someone has to understand that characters like Zaid Hamid, who constantly talk of Ghazwa-e-Hind and establishing a Khilafa to do that, may just be irrelevant to the changing environment and thus should not be given the legitimacy and space they have continued to get thus far. What kind of ethics is this, Very unfortunate to see such lines from a writer who claims to be a champion of democracy, and secularism.I mean one can differ with Zaid Hamids ideology and views but that doesn’t mean he has no right to express his ideas. Its this mindset that has brought us to this disaster, why cant we tolerate each other.