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Do Tok
12-Jun-2011, 12:30 AM



12-Jun-2011, 04:15 AM
The destruction of cricket lies on just one person,"EJAZ BUTT".Because of adhocism, he have become damn dictator and dont realise its implications on the players.Shahid Afridi is our "JEWEL IN THE CROWN" ,the famous and good identity of pakistan. PCB should have some soft corner for him,he is our national hero and deserve all our respect .what shahid afridi did is just a simple mistake ,talking with the media,so what? What that stupid idiot ejaz butt did during the pak tour of england,he dont remember the stupidities he committed and got off the hook easily,no one bother to ask him any question because the big crocodile is behind him .If i had power I would put him upside down in the centre of the city.I hope that B*** idiot read my post and it burn his ***,the B****. How can he cancel his "NOC" which was issued before so he wants to strangle a person by blocking his bread and butter,this is the most heinous crime anyone can do .why pcb chairman dont have elections in the board and work democratically.The problem lies on the top,Shah Abdullah of SA was right what he said , "WHEN THE HEAD IS ROTTEN HOW THE OTHER PART WILL LOOK LIKE", he meant for ZARDARI. Zardari knows this whole episode but he kept quiet and must be saying ,go ahead and do what ever you want? shahid Afridi should go after the PCB and its chairman , claim his damages for losing money from county for not playing.If shahid afridi was in any other country, he would have been idiolized and got more respect than from pakistan. Dont know whats going to happen this country as long this govt is in power.The kind of stuborness and ignorance zardari is showing,it will haunt him as long he lives.Every person should have a soft corner in their heart otherwise that person is not a human being ?

12-Jun-2011, 04:39 AM
The destruction of cricket can only be blamed on people who voted for Zardari/PPP.

12-Jun-2011, 10:38 AM
The destruction of cricket can only be blamed on people who voted for Zardari/PPP.
When Rashid Latif and Basit resigned, due to MATCH FIXING, who was the president?
When Justice Qayoom gave the report against the player, but only they were fined, like Waseem, Waqar, etc, who was the president?

Rashid Latif statement is on the record, almost all the board executive are corrupt, and he has taped the conversation.
Rashid Latif also challenged them, and still that is valid.