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Re: Sawal Yeh Hai - 30th January2011 - Kia Pakistan Ko Wakai Inqalab ki Zaroorat Hai ?
why cannot we understand that INQILAB is a too big a luxury to afford in present circumstances, soon as the people of pakistan come to the streets to have their rights it will trigger off a series of cataclysmic events, our enemies will rush in to capitalise on this opportunity and fan the flares of civil war in our country, in the end we will end up into an anarchy and whatever is left of our state structure will dissolve, there is every likelihood that constituting Units (provinces) of the state will fall apart, keeping these things in mind we should take the option of INqilab out of the equation, the next thing is that how do we get rid of this corrupt system that cannot be allowed to continue any longer, if we allow the things to continue at this rapid pace we will be annihilated any way, my solution for this situation is that the judiciary steps forward with army at its back and helps bring in an interim government based on very industrious honest and capable people who will run the country for at least three years, their agenda will include the eradication of corruption, war on terror and bringing the economy back on track.

Asking for your views on this solution!!