View Full Version : Installed Some New Features

04-Nov-2010, 08:36 AM
We have installed some new features,hope you will like them.

The Facebook Platform: Now you can login to siasat.pk by using your Facebook id. similarly unregistered people can also use siasat.pk without registering using their Facebook id. Click on Facebook Connect button (Top Right Corner) to Login.

Facebook Like Feature: Now you can post any thread on your Facebook profile by clicking "Like" button placed at the top of the thread.

Similar Thread: Similar Thread feature has been installed, while creating new threads it will prompt you a list of all similar threads as soon as you enter the thread name. (be care full now, because we will delete new threads instead of merging.)

Say Thank you to The Thread Creator: Thread like/dislike feature has been modified a bit, If you like the First post you can say Thank you to the member by clicking Thanks button at the bottom of post. For all other posts, it will remain same as it was used to be.

04-Nov-2010, 12:20 PM
Waseem bhai, i dont know you much, but recently i am rcving administrative messages from you, so welcome & nice to meet you.
Please can u explain how to tag any reply in a thread with like or dislike option.
I have tried looking but couldnot find it. Yes i have seen the RATE THIS THREAD button, but if i want to mark any reply with in a thread then how to mark it with LIKE or DISLIKE what to do.
Also after clicking RATE THIS THREAD, why not i am seeing "4 out of 4 members liked this ...." message in new features.