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30-Sep-2010, 12:20 AM

30-Sep-2010, 04:28 AM
شاید اسے ہی کہتے ہیں چوری اور سینہ زوری

خود کو ٹھیک نہ کرو لیکن دوسروں پر الزام دھروں۔

یہ خبیث زرداری مداری کب پاکستان کا پیچھا چھوڑیگا۔

30-Sep-2010, 06:08 AM
Thank you Kamran Khan for hosting such an important programme. when zardari became president, he raised the slogan "democracy is the biggest revenge" thats what he did with the nation, he took the revenge and we can see where we stand now . I had been saying for more than two years that zardari and his cronies are not sincere with the nation ,are corrupt and incompetent,their policies are against the national interest.PM Gilani comes in the same bracket, he raised the price of flour from Rs.650 to Rs.950 per maund, saying it will give the incentive to the farmers whereas the landlords and feudals were not taxed on their income, put the incompetent people on all the big posts they did't deserve .I will also blame the opposition for not raising the issue in the parliament and made a hue and cry when poors use the flour three times a day.zardari ,Gillani and their cronies should be charged for treason because all their policies were against the national interest .PM gilani have made billions in corruption, he is not angel at all and also others too.This corrupt and insincere govt have done only two things in 2 and a half years, Nfc award and 18th amenment,nothing else for the country or its poor people.NFC award done because of shahbaz sharif ,he showed patriotism,18th amendment still need more changes .what i had been saying about this govt have vindicated my beliefs that this govt is working against the nation and only one thing left for this corrupt and Begharet govt is to disintegrate the nation. if army dont take any action right now , God knows what will happen to this country .Hell with the politicians ,they are just worried about their jobs to rob the country, bring in the technocrate govt who can pay attention to the economy and army take care of the defence .The target killings in karachi and Baluchistan are the big plot of conspiracies to break up the nation. Time has come for the action,enough is enough.Dont let these bloody corrupt rulers ,politicians and bureaucrate to leave the country-do their accountability and get all the money back they have accumulated in foreign banks and make them stand in front of the firing squad, thats exactly these B**** deserve.

30-Sep-2010, 06:14 AM
******** Nation ...still asking for Democracy ....******** Nation need to get into hell very soon......Zardari is doing great job

30-Sep-2010, 06:24 AM
***** hai aisi Murda aur ******** nation per

Where are you from Mr Beghairatu kay *********................ I think you are one of the ********* Friends of Zardari Madari?

30-Sep-2010, 06:26 AM
******** Nation ...still asking for Democracy ....******** Nation need to get into hell very soon......Zardari is doing great job

Ya Zardari is doing great job i.e. Cheating, lieing, Looting, appointing his friends as heads of various departments, Killing her wife, buying Flats and castls with looted money............Do you want listen futher that *********'s "Great Jobs"?

InshAllah we will see You in Hell very soon with that Filthy ********* Madari................. Because the man is known by company he keeps. U seems the friend or beneficiery of This govt. U both have the same place with Madari in Hell after your death InshAllah.

30-Sep-2010, 06:53 AM
Great Zardari..you are doing great job.....punish this Thank Less and ******** nation

Bechara tu Khauf say Aiwan-e-Sadar main so nahi sakta and Great Job........................ hahahahaha.. U will not see his Dirty face very soon InshAllah. Just wait and Watch.

30-Sep-2010, 07:24 AM
Hilory Clinton is right when she said pakistan is the biggest receipient country from US but they dont impose taxes on landords and feudals ,should increase the tax payers base so pakistan can stand on its feet. This is not possible as long this govt is in power becasue they have made up their mind not to do anything good for the country beside zardari and NS both are big feudals so land reforms not possible in their tenure. NS paid Rs.5000 income tax,just imagine **** and gilani and his ministers are not paying income tax any way.As for the war on terror is concerned,US should realize the fact that pakistan is the one who suffered the most,so please dont push pakistan too much - have a dialogue with haqqani group and himatyar khan who are legitimate groups and representative of afghanistan. I know there are some people who dont want that because of their own racial and prejudicial reasons which everyone know.Mr.Obama you have the absolute power and use your own judgement and make a decision which is good for the humanity, you cannot kill the whole afghanis and pakistanis because someone dont stand them. US came to afghanistan not the talibans went to US,there is no danger to west from afghanistan and pakistan, These are just the excuses to go after the muslims. Alqaeda is almost finished so just dont waste your time ,money and army . Live with peace and let others also live with peace every country has reservation about national interest and security so do pakistan too, dont blame pakistan for that .If FS admit his guilt ,send him for life behind bar-no regret.

30-Sep-2010, 11:17 AM
We all know that GEO and Kamran are biased against Pakistan. Geo is working on Indian agenda to destabilize Pakistan. Zardari may not be an angel but is he the only person left? Pakistani leaders were corrupt before him and will remain corrupt after he leaves. Instead of wasting our time Geo should focus on corruption in lower judiciary, lower police, local merchants and lower government departments which affect public directly. I never liked Zardari but now I feel he is being personalized and singled out. Geo wants President of Pakistan to be tried (in swiss cases abroad). India and Israel want the same thing. Whats the difference? Think about it!