View Full Version : News Beat 4th July 2010 - Governor Punjab Salman Taseer

05-Jul-2010, 01:59 AM

05-Jul-2010, 02:59 AM
I knew about it, so did the punjab govt. But, they did not do anything about it !!! Governor.
If punjab govt is not going to do anything about it, it means govornor will not give a damn to everyday massacre. And surprisingly he has the power to order Governr Raaj and kick out the government if he likes to. But, when it comes to people, he won't bother about it.
PPP and PML-N have brought shame to humanity, leave alone Pakistan.

05-Jul-2010, 06:31 AM
I usually dont agree with gov salman taseer but today he said lots of things which make sense.First of all punjab govt have been denying for a long time that there are no militants in punjab whereas i did mentioned many times that dont deny the facts-militants hava their bases in south punjab now they are all over.There is no doubt that punjab police is either with the militants or totally incapable of doing their job properly.The police intelligence sharing,their training to fight militants are almost zero.Need to be organised like military training.We do need the military operation in punjab very badly to root out the militants otherwise this menace is not gonna let the people have a sigh of relief.Punjab CM have to undertand the ground reality that punjab does have a major militant's problem which will take the country to its doom,its already there anyway? I have said before and say it again that if politicians,police and other intelligence agenceies get together and try to wipe it completely,they can do it- all they need is the will power and honesty.Lots of responsibility lies on the shoulders of sharif brothrens.Illiterate maulvis are the master minds,dont forget it. Also Keep an eye on maulana fazlur rehman,its a fact.