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18-Apr-2010, 11:15 PM

19-Apr-2010, 04:29 AM
UN's report was such a useless and waste of money-what they said every one knew it .US could not bring BB under its control even though US brokered the deal between BB and Musharraf.BB saw the ground reality and changed her mind so **** Chenny who had the group of black water whose job was to do the political assassinations in foreign countries did the job with US and Musharraf's blessings.Its repoted in NYTimes and its on record then why Zardari gave the gaurd of honour to the killer and let him go out of the country,his associates and police officers were on the same jobs for so long and no action was taken.Mr.Zardari,you are taking the picture of BB anywhere you go but you just could not establish a committee consist of Rtd or in service judges to investigate BB's killings. what you were doing for BB is real? You took more than two years for this useles report which have no mendate to pinpoint the killers-did you want to clear your name or something else.You are not doing any justice to Bhutto's family,your name will be remembered who destroyed Bhutto's family because you were not honest in this matter.You should have done this investigation yourself ,its your govt and who was stopping you from doing this.Your excuse is that opposition will say its personel vendetta or revenge,so what ,like you care about them. At least public will know the reality. You know the whole truth mr.zardari,dont hide the truth.Dont save the black sheeps in PPP.Would you finish the investigation in 2 months ,i dont think so because you were just buying the time.Was there any deal between you ,US and Musharraf? People want to know about it.