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25-Nov-2009, 02:48 AM

25-Nov-2009, 03:56 AM
I saw this video and also read NY times which gave more details.when BJP PM mr.vajpai once said during the frosty relations between india and pakistan that india can deal with pakistan on terrorism if U.S and israel help india.Mr.vajpai was looking a nexus between them and they got it now because of india's strong ties with israel and israel have a strong lobby in america.Now we have seen the true picture that india and u.s have very strong bonds between them and its a serious concern for pakistan because these three countries are habitual enemies of pakistan.we can expect anything unexpectedly.U.S wants to put lots of their CIA secret men inside pakistan to persue the so called alqaeda but these cia men are gonna turn up against our own men and our country.we have seen the activities of blackwater in islamabad,peshawer and other cities so our leadership specially the PM should convene a all party conference or parliament session to discuss about the future of our country which is gonna be the target because the U.S keeps on saying that alqaeda is in pakistan.so pakistan should be ready,any softness in dealing with this matter will cost the country very dearly.All these three countries are after our nukes,we should be very vigilant about our security of our country,dont allow CIA secret service men in pakistan,i have read myself whereas rehman malik keep on denying this fact.whatever name you give them,they are in pakistan.second most important thing is ,since PPP came to power ,our relations with china are on decline.it should not be like that but instead we should move very close to china becuase U.S was always like our part time friend ,never sincere, the reason every one knows.So china will also like to be more close to us.A strong relations between china and pakistan are the need of the time specially for pakistan.I dont say we shoould walk away from america but we should strengthen our bonds more with china who is our real friend and also can give us protection.we should not expect any protection from any other country,indian army chief already said that war in this region between india and pakistan on limited basis is possible,we should keep our guards up all the time.

25-Nov-2009, 08:22 AM
just take care of the terrorists and you guyz will be fine.............